Sport Management Review, Volume 23, 2020, Issue 1 | Managing Abuse and Integrity in Sport


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Managing abuse in sport: An introduction to the special issue
Emma Kavanagh, Adi Adams, Daniel Lock, Carly Stewart, Jamie Cleland
Pages 1-7

Research articles

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Organisational factors and non-accidental violence in sport: A systematic review
Victoria Roberts, Victor Sojo, Felix Grant
Pages 8-27

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Acting out what is inside of us: Self-management strategies of an abused ex-athlete
Jenny McMahon, Kerry R. McGannon
Pages 28-38

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Exploring referee abuse through the lens of the collegiate rugby coach
Brittany L. Jacobs, Jacob K. Tingle, Brent D. Oja, Mark A. Smith
Pages 39-51

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An analysis of soccer referee experiences in France and the Netherlands: Abuse, conflict, and level of support
Tom Webb, Matt Dicks, Richard Thelwell, John van der Kamp, Géraldine Rix-Lievre
Pages 52-65

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Managing organizational reputation in response to a public shaming campaign
P.J. Kitchin, Juan L. Paramio-Salcines, Geoff Walters
Pages 66-80

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Snapchat and child sexual abuse in sport: Protecting child athletes in the social media age
Jimmy Sanderson, Melinda R. Weathers
Pages 81-94

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Promoting athlete welfare: A proposal for an international surveillance system
Roslyn Kerr, Gretchen Kerr
Pages 95-103

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Evaluating the impacts of working towards the International Safeguards for Children in Sport
Daniel J.A. Rhind, Frank Owusu-Sekyere
Pages 104-116

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Examining institutional work that perpetuates abuse in sport organizations
Calvin Nite, John Nauright
Pages 117-129

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The effect of abusive leadership by coaches on Division I student-athletes’ performance: The moderating role of core self-evaluations
Yvette P. Lopez, Stephanie Dohrn, Margaret Posig
Pages 130-141

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Whistleblowing determinants and the effectiveness of reporting channels in the international sports sector
Pim Verschuuren
Pages 142-154

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Managing prevention of sexual violence and the role of commissioners in national sport federations in Germany
Ilse Hartmann-Tews, Fabienne Bartsch, Ingo Wagner, Bettina Rulofs
Pages 155-169

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