Sport Management Review, Volume 22, 2019, Issue 5

Reviews and Theoretical Advances
Toward an institutional theory of escalation of commitment within sport management: A review and future directions
Pages 571-583
Calvin Nite, Michael Hutchinson, Adrien Bouchet
Research Articles
Governing bodies of sport as knowledge brokers in Sport-for-All communities of practice
Pages 584-599
Annick Willem, Vassil Girginov, Kristine Toohey
Market disruption as a regime for athlete activism: An economic analysis of college football player protests
Pages 600-612
Nicholas M. Watanabe, Grace Yan, Brian P. Soebbing
Re-engaging local youth for sustainable sport-for-development
Pages 613-625
Michael J. Hoekman, Nico Schulenkorf, Jon Welty Peachey
The journey of transitioning: Being a trans male athlete in college sport
Pages 626-639
Alexandra Klein, Amanda L. Paule-Koba, Vikki Krane
Does performance justify the underrepresentation of women coaches? Evidence from professional women’s soccer
Pages 640-651
Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez, Helmut Dietl, Cornel Nesseler
Summary of cognitive, affective, and behavioural outcomes of consuming prestigious sports events
Pages 652-666
Miguel Moital, Amy Bain, Harriet Thomas
Interorganisational conflict between national and provincial sport organisations within China’s elite sport system: Perspectives from national organisations
Pages 667-681
Jinming Zheng, Patrick Wing Chung Lau, Shushu Chen, Geoff Dickson, Veerle De Bosscher, Qi Peng
Walking for fun or for “likes”? The impacts of different gamification orientations of fitness apps on consumers’ physical activities
Pages 682-693
Rungting Tu, Peishan Hsieh, Wenting Feng
Managing sport volunteers with a disability: Human resource management implications
Pages 694-707
Pam Kappelides, Jennifer Spoor
Using social network analysis to investigate interorganizational relationships and capacity building within a sport for development coalition
Pages 708-723
Marion E. Hambrick, Per G. Svensson, Seungmin Kang
The process isn’t a case of report it and stop”: Athletes’ lived experience of whistleblowing on doping in sport
Pages 724-735
Kelsey Erickson, Laurie B. Patterson, Susan H. Backhouse
“If people are wearing pink stuff they’re probably not real fans”: Exploring women’s perceptions of sport fan clothing
Pages 736-747
Katherine Sveinson, Larena Hoeber, Kim Toffoletti
Book Reviews
Sport Consumer Behavior, Galen T. Trail (Ed.), 3rd edition, (2018).
Pages 748-749
Anthony D. Pizzo
Managing Sport Business: An Introduction, 2nd Edition David Hassan (ed). 2018 Routledge, 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, ISBN: 978-1-315-26547-6 (ebk), pp. 674.
Pages 750-751
Keith D. Parry
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