Sport Management Review, Volume 22, 2019, Issue 4

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

Experiences of trans persons in physical activity and sport: A qualitative meta-synthesis
Pages 439-451
Víctor Pérez-Samaniego, Jorge Fuentes-Miguel, Sofía Pereira-García, Elena López-Cañada, José Devís-Devís

Sport versus climate: Introducing the climate vulnerability of sport organizations framework
Pages 452-463
Madeleine Orr, Yuhei Inoue

Research Articles

Shared leadership in sport for development and peace: A conceptual framework of antecedents and outcomes
Pages 464-476
Seungmin Kang, Per G. Svensson

Relationships between met-expectation and attitudinal outcomes of coaches in intercollegiate athletics
Pages 477-490
Seungmo Kim, Taeyeon Oh, Soonhwan Lee, Damon P.S. Andrew

The impact of deviance on head coach dismissals and implications of a personal conduct policy
Pages 491-501
Jeremy J. Foreman, Brian P. Soebbing, Chad S. Seifried

Using a discrete choice experiment to estimate spectators’ willingness to pay for professional baseball park sportscape
Pages 502-512
Jin-ho Shin, Seong Ok Lyu

The carbon footprint of active sport participants
Pages 513-526
Pamela Wicker

Do influxes of atypical labor make sport event workers prone to exploitation?
Pages 527-539
Christopher M. McLeod, John T. Holden, Matthew G. Hawzen, Tarlan Chahardovali

Exploring how external stakeholders shape social innovation in sport for development and peace
Pages 540-552
Per G. Svensson, Marion E. Hambrick

Does your left hand know what your right hand is doing? Impacts of athletes’ pre-transgression philanthropic behavior on consumer post-transgression evaluation
Pages 553-565
Joon Sung Lee, Katherine Babiak

Book Reviews

Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, 1st Edition
Pages 566-567
Robbie Matz

Data Analytics in Football: Positional Data Collection, Modelling and Analysis, Daniel Memmert, Dominik Raabe
Pages 568-569
Bill Gerrard

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