Sport Management Review, Volume 22, 2019, Issue 1: Managing Sport for Health

Managing sport for health: An introduction to the special issue
Pages 1-4
Michael B. Edwards, Katie Rowe

Indigenous Australian women promoting health through sport
Pages 5-20
Megan Stronach, Hazel Maxwell, Sonya Pearce

Building an inclusive cycling “movement”: Exploring the charity-led mobilisation of recreational cycling in communities across Merseyside, England
Pages 21-37
John W. Hayton, Milly Blundell, Danny Cullinane, Catherine M. Walker

Sport as medicine: How F3 is building healthier men and communities
Pages 38-52
Stacy Warner

The role of management in achieving health outcomes in SFD programmes: A stakeholder perspective
Pages 53-67
Carrie W. LeCrom, Tiesha Martin, Brendan Dwyer, Greg Greenhalgh

Sporting hyperchallenges: Health, social, and fiscal implications
Pages 68-79
Matthew Lamont, Millicent Kennelly

Managerial perceptions of factors affecting the design and delivery of sport for health programs for refugee populations
Pages 80-95
Arden Anderson, Marlene A. Dixon, Kristi F. Oshiro, Pamela Wicker, George B. Cunningham, Bob Heere

Managing sport-for-development and healthy lifestyles: The sport-for-health model
Pages 96-107
Nico Schulenkorf, Katja Siefken

The antecedents and consequences of positive organizational behavior: The role of psychological capital for promoting employee well-being in sport organizations
Pages 108-125
Minjung Kim, Amy Chan Hyung Kim, Joshua I. Newman, Gerald R. Ferris, Pamela L. Perrewé

Sport as a vehicle for health promotion: A shared value example of corporate social responsibility
Pages 126-141
Stephen Hills, Matthew Walker, Adam E. Barry

Associations between partnership characteristics and perceived success in Dutch sport-for-health partnerships
Pages 142-152
Niels Hermens, Kirsten T. Verkooijen, Maria A. Koelen

NFL Play 60: Managing the intersection of professional sport and obesity
Pages 153-166
Emily S. Sparvero, Stacy Warner

Fast food, fizz, and funding: Balancing the scales of regional sport organisation sponsorship
Pages 167-179
Rachel J. Batty, Sarah Gee

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