Sport Management Review, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 3

Managing sport-for-development: Reflections and outlook   
Review Article Pages 243-251
Nico Schulenkorf

When faultlines are created: Exploring the conflict triggering process in sport   
Review Article Pages 252-260
Shannon Kerwin, Matthew B. Walker, Trevor Bopp

Can winning take care of everything? A longitudinal assessment of post-transgression actions on repairing trust in an athlete endorser   
Original Research Article Pages 261-272
Joon Sung Lee, Dae Hee Kwak

User-generated branding via social media: An examination of six running brands   
Original Research Article Pages 273-284
Andrea N. Geurin, Lauren M. Burch

Do they make a difference? Professional team sports clubs’ effects on migration and local growth: Evidence from Denmark   
Original Research Article Pages 285-295
Rasmus K. Storm, Frederik Thomsen, Tor Georg Jakobsen

An investigation of highly identified fans who bet against their favorite teams   
Original Research Article Pages 296-308
Nola Agha, B. David Tyler

Improving well-being through hedonic, eudaimonic, and social needs fulfillment in sport media consumption   
Original Research Article Pages 309-321
Jeeyoon Kim, Yukyoum Kim, Daehwan Kim

Diehards: Why Fans Care So Much About Sports, C. Scarinzi. Rowe Publishing, (2015)
Book review Pages 322-323
Young Do Kim

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