Sport Management Review Volume 18, Issue 3, August 2015

smr-dsSonic branding in sport: A model for communicating brand identity through musical fit Review Article, Pages 321-330
Khalid Ballouli, Bob Heere

Female athletes, women’s sport, and the sport media commercial complex: Have we really “come a long way, baby”?
Review Article, Pages 331-342
Janet S. Fink

Sport-specific policies and factors that influence international success: The case of tennis Original Research Article, Pages 343-358
Jessie Brouwers, Popi Sotiriadou, Veerle De Bosscher

Curiosity generating advertisements and their impact on sport consumer behavior
Original Research Article, Pages 359-369
Seong-Hee Park, Daniel F. Mahony, Yukyoum Kim, Young Do Kim

Empowerment within brand communities: Overcoming the Achilles’ Heel of scale-free networks
Original Research Article , Pages 370-383
Matthew Katz, Bob Heere

Organizational justice and conflict: Do perceptions of fairness influence disagreement?
Original Research Article, Pages 384-395
Shannon Kerwin, Jeremy S. Jordan, Brian A. Turner

The exclusiveness of group identity in celebrations of team success
Original Research Article, Pages 396-406
Elizabeth B. Delia

Measurement and segmentation of sport fans using brand association networks: Application to Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League (UCL)
Original Research Article, Pages 407-420
Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Alain Ferrand, Pierre Valette-Florence, Nicolas Chanavat

The impact of a mega-event on inter-organisational relationships and tie strength: Perceptions from the 2011 Rugby World Cup
Original Research Article, Pages 421-435,
Kim Werner, Geoff Dickson, Kenneth F. Hyde

Sports gambling as consumption: Evidence from demand for sports lottery
Original Research Article, Pages 436-447
Luke Lunhua Mao, James J. Zhang, Daniel P. Connaughton

Modelling the decision to volunteer in organised sports
Original Research Article, Pages 448-463
Kirstin Hallmann

Institutions of higher commitment: A case study of de-escalation and American football’s decisive role in intercollegiate athletics
Case Study, Pages 464-480
Michael Hutchinson, Brennan K. Berg

J.L. Crompton, Sponsorship for Sport Managers1st edition(2014), FiT Publishing, A Division of the International Center for Performance Excellence, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 978 1 935412 54 0 302 pp.
Book Reviews, Pages 481-482
Trish Bradbury

P. Emery, The Sports Management Toolkit(2011), Routledge, Oxon, United Kingdom 978-0-415-49159-4 254 pp.
Book Reviews, Pages 483-484
Ian O’Boyle

T.J. Johnson, Legends in Black: New Zealand Rugby Greats on Why we Win(2014), Penguin Books, 67 Apollo Drive, Rosedale 0632, Auckland 978-0-143-57180-3 302 pp.
Book Reviews, Pages 485-486
Michael Naylor

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