Sport History Review, Volume 53, 2022, Issue 1


Open Access
“Home” to Some, But Not to Others: It’s Time to “Step Up”
Carly Adams
Page: 1–5
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2022-0009

Scholarly Articles

Rafael Halperin’s Contribution to Israel’s Emerging Body Culture
Udi Carmi
Page: 26–47
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2021-0011

“Californian ‘Start-’Em-Young’ System”: The Golden State and US Swimming, 1954–1964
Matthew R. Hodler, Maureen Smith
Page: 48–66
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2021-0022

“There Is No First Attack in Karate”: The Emergence of “Sport Karate” During the Allied Occupation of Japan
Jooyoun Kim, Eunjung Kim
Page: 67–82
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2021-0005

The Early Synecdochical Anchors of College Football: Fields and Facilities 1869–1903
Patrick Tutka, Chad Seifried
Page: 83–109
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2020-0025

A New Form of Modern Sport: The Beginnings of Lakeland Rock Climbing 1880–1914
Mike Huggins
Page: 110–127
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2020-0044

“Dead but Standing Erect”: Why Southern Conference Members Left to Form the Southeastern Conference
Jim Watkins
Page: 128–146
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2020-0052

Synchronized Swimming in Ontario, 1920–50s: Gender, Beauty, and Sport
Matthew S. Wiseman, Jane Nicholas
Page: 6–25
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2020-0036

Book Reviews

Isabel “Lefty” Alvarez: The Improbable Life of a Cuban American Baseball Star
Alex Nuñez
Page: 147–148
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2022-0003

Moving Boarders: Skateboarding and the Changing Landscape of Urban Youth Sports
Tolga Ozyurtcu
Page: 149–150
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2022-0004

The Myth of the Amateur: A History of College Athletic Scholarships
Jim Watkins
Page: 151–152
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2022-0005

Rethinking Fandom: How to Beat the Sports-Industrial Complex at Its Own Game
Ryan Murtha
Page: 153–154
DOI: 10.1123/shr.2022-0006

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