Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 9, 2020, Issue 1


The effects of perceived teamwork on emergent states and satisfaction with performance among team sport athletes.
Pages 1-15.
McEwan, Desmond.

Perceived coach interpersonal style and basic psychological needs as antecedents of athlete-perceived coaching competency and satisfaction with the coach: A multi-level analysis.
Pulido, Juan J.; García-Calvo, Tomás; Leo, Francisco M.; Figueiredo, António J.; Sarmento, Hugo; Sánchez-Oliva, David.

A coach perspective on the use of planned disruptions in high-performance sports.
Pages 29-44.
Kegelaers, Jolan; Wylleman, Paul; Oudejans, Raôul R. D.

Staff support promotes engagement in a physical activity-based positive youth development program for youth from low-income families.
Pages 45-57.
Riciputi, Shaina; McDonough, Meghan H.; Snyder, Frank J.; McDavid, M. Lindley.

Navigating times of harmony and discord: The ever-changing role played by the families of elite immigrant athletes during their acculturation.
Pages 58-72.
Middleton, Thierry R. F.; Schinke, Robert J.; Oghene, Odirin P.; McGannon, Kerry R.; Petersen, Brennan; Kao, Sanfu.

Technical and social cue utilization in expert football coaches.
Pages 73-86.
Yee, Daniel J.; Wiggins, Mark W.; Auton, Jaime C.; Warry, Glenn; Cklamovski, Peter.

“It’s psychology Jim, but not as we know it!”: The changing face of applied sport psychology.
Pages 87-101.
Sly, Dan; Mellalieu, Stephen D.; Wagstaff, Christopher R. D.

Effects of respite music during recovery between bouts of intense exercise.
Pages 102-114.
Hutchinson, Jasmin C.; O’Neil, Brendan J.

Affective responses during high-intensity functional training compared to high-intensity interval training and moderate continuous training.
Pages 115-127.
Heinrich, Katie M.; Crawford, Derek A.; Johns, Blake R.; Frye, Jacob; Gilmore, Katelyn E. O.

Leading us to be active: A two-wave test of relationships between identity leadership, group identification, and attendance.
Pages 128-142.
Stevens, Mark; Rees, Tim; Coffee, Pete; Steffens, Niklas K.; Haslam, S. Alexander; Polman, Remco.

The quiet eye effect: A test of the visual and postural-kinematic hypotheses.
Pages 143-159.
Gallicchio, Germano; Ring, Christopher.

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