Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 6, 2017, Issue 1

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: Past, present, and future.
Page 1-5
Kavussanu, Maria

Experienced practitioners’ use of observation in applied sport psychology.
Page 6-19
Holder, Tim; Winter, Stacy

Understanding athlete mother transition in cultural context: A media analysis of Kim Clijsters’ tennis comeback and self-identity implications.
Page 20-34
McGannon, Kerry R.; McMahon, Jenny; Schinke, Robert J.; Gonsalves, Christine A.

A grounded theory of sport injury-related growth.
Page 35-52
Roy-Davis, Kylie; Wadey, Ross; Evans, Lynne

A single bout of resistance training improves state body image in male weight-trainers.
Page 53-69
Waldorf, Manuel; Erkens, Nele; Vocks, Silja; McCreary, Donald R.; Cordes, Martin

Exertion of self-control increases fatigue, reduces task self-efficacy, and impairs performance of resistance exercise.
Page 70-88
Graham, Jeffrey D.; Martin Ginis, Kathleen A.; Bray, Steven R.

Practice makes efficient: Cortical alpha oscillations are associated with improved golf putting performance.
Page 89-102
Gallicchio, Germano; Cooke, Andrew; Ring, Christopher

Is flow really effortless? The complex role of effortful attention.
Page 103-114
Harris, David J.; Vine, Samuel J.; Wilson, Mark R.

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