Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016

sepp-dsFounding editor’s farewell remarks.
Page 81-83
Martin, Jeffrey J.

Parenting in sport.
Page 84-88
Harwood, Chris G.; Knight, Camilla J.

Examining expert coaches’ views of parent roles in 10-and-under tennis.
Page 89-106
Gould, Daniel; Pierce, Scott; Wright, E. Missy; Lauer, Larry; Nalepa, Jenny

Educating and supporting tennis parents: A grounded theory of parents’ needs during childhood and early adolescence.
Page 107-124
Thrower, Sam N.; Harwood, Chris G.; Spray, Christopher M.

A phenomenological interpretation of the parent-child relationship in elite youth football.
Page 125-143
Clarke, Nicola J.; Harwood, Chris G.; Cushion, Chris J.

“He just wanted everything to be perfect, me to be perfect”: U.S. NCAA Division I daughter-athletes’ experiences of the father–daughter relationship.
Page 144-160
Prewitt-White, Tanya R.; Fisher, Leslee A.; Odenheimer, Eleanor F.; Buchanan, Rebecca R.

Influences on parental involvement in youth sport.
Page 161-178
Knight, Camilla J.; Dorsch, Travis E.; Osai, Keith V.; Haderlie, Kyle L.; Sellars, Paul A.

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