Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 4, Issue 2

sepp-dsMore isn’t necessarily better: Examining the intensity–affect–enjoyment relationship in the context of resistance exercise.
Page 75-87
Greene, Daniel R.; Petruzzello, Steven J.

Social goals and basic psychological needs in high school physical education.
Page 88-99
Garn, Alex C.; Wallhead, Tristan

Implicit theories of mental toughness: Relations with cognitive, motivational, and behavioral correlates.
Page 100-112
Gucciardi, Daniel F.; Jackson, Ben; Hodge, Ken; Anthony, David R.; Brooke, Lauren E.

A coach-initiated motivational climate intervention and athletes’ perceptions of group cohesion in youth sport.
Page 113-126
McLaren, Colin D.; Eys, Mark A.; Murray, Robyn A.

When it’s “All about the bike”—Intrapersonal conflict in light of passion for cycling and exercise dependence.
Page 127-139
Stenseng, Frode; Haugen, Tommy; Torstveit, Monica Klungland; Høigaard, Rune

Optimism, pessimism, and coping in a dual-domain model of sport and school satisfaction.
Page 140-152
Gaudreau, Patrick; Gunnell, Katie E.; Hoar, Sharleen D.; Thompson, Amanda; Lelièvre, Jonathan

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