Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 4


Sport Psychology

Personality traits and psychobiosocial states among athletes: The mediating role of dispositional mindfulness.
Bondár, Réka Zsanett; Robazza, Claudio; di Fronso, Selenia; Bertollo, Maurizio
Pages 397-411

An exploration of the resources of high-performance athletes and coaches to cope with unexpected transitions.
Hong, Hee Jung; Allen, Justine
Pages 412-428

“I still wake up with nightmares” … The long-term psychological impacts from gymnasts’ maltreatment experiences.
Salim, Jade; Winter, Stacy
Pages 429-443

Exploring student-athletes’ perceptions of their psychological readiness to return to sport following a concussion.
Lassman, Matthew E.; Rathwell, Scott; Black, Amanda M.; Caron, Jeffrey G.
Pages 444-458

Why does teamwork execution breakdown? Experiences of university team sport athletes.
McEwan, Desmond; Crawford, Kaitlin L.
Pages 459-476

Validation of the Body-Related Envy Scale (BREV) in adolescent girl athletes.
Lucibello, Kristen M.; Pila, Eva; Pritchard, Elizabeth M.; Sabiston, Catherine M.

Exercise Psychology


Understanding exercise class attendees’ in-class behaviors, experiences, and future class attendance: The role of class leaders’ identity entrepreneurship.
Stevens, Mark; White, Sophie; Robertson, Alysia M.; Cruwys, Tegan
Pages 494-508

Response inhibition under emotional and physical stress.
Voigt, Laura; Wadsley, Corey G.; Frenkel, Marie O.; Nieuwenhuys, Arne
Pages 509-523

Performance Psychology

Enhancing shared mental models: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Lines, Robin L. J.; Hoggan, Benjamin L.; Nahleen, Sasha; Temby, Philip; Crane, Monique; Gucciardi, Daniel F.
Pages 524-549

A meta-analytic test of trust formation and development in swift starting action teams.
Lines, Robin L. J.; Chapman, Michael T.; Ng, Leo; Nahleen, Sasha; Temby, Philip; Crane, Monique; Hazel, Gavin; Gucciardi, Daniel F.
Pages 550-566

Resilience enhanced aFteR ACTiOn ReviewS (REFRACTORS) for teams: A pilot, nonrandomized investigation of feasibility within military settings.
Chapman, Michael T.; Temby, Philip; Melberzs, Lee; Crane, Monique; Gucciardi, Daniel F.
Pages 567-589

An exploration of within-dyad interpersonal emotional influence in the ambulance service.
Freemantle, Alexander W. J.; Stafford, Lorenzo D.; Wagstaff, Christopher R. D.; Akehurst, Lucy
Pages 590-605

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