Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 10, 2021, Issue 1


Sport Psychology

A voice unheard: A qualitative exploration of varsity athletes’ perspective on the use of biofeedback postintervention.
Pages 1-14.
Nelson Ferguson, Kendra; Hall, Craig.

The effects of support (in)adequacy on self-confidence and performance: Two experimental studies.
Pages 15-26.
Du Fu, Di; Hase, Adrian; Goolamallee, Mohammad; Godwin, Geoffrey; Freeman, Paul.

A multistudy examination of the complementarity dimension of the coach–athlete relationship.
Pages 27-42.
Felton, Luke; Jowett, Sophia; Begg, Chris; Zhong, Xinmiao.

“My body loves me, so I should love it back”: A qualitative evaluation of the bodies in motion program with female collegiate athletes.
Pages 43-58.
Voelker, Dana K.; Petrie, Trent A.; Fairhurst, Katherine; Casanave, Karly.

An inch away from being mentally tough: Performance bias in ratings of mental toughness.
Pages 59-70.
Schellenberg, Benjamin J. I.; Gaudreau, Patrick.

Do challenge and threat evaluations predict netball performance and selection at trials in youth netball players?
Pages 71-87.
Turner, Martin J.; Massie, Rachel; Slater, Matthew J.; Braithwaite, Elizabeth.

The “underrecovery trap”: When physical fatigue impairs the physical and mental recovery process.
Pages 88-101.
Balk, Yannick A.; de Jonge, Jan.

Exercise Psychology

Acute effects of resistance and functional-task exercises on executive function of obese older adults: Two counterbalanced, crossover, randomized exploratory studies.
Pages 102-113.
de Almeida, Stephany Silva; Teixeira, Emerson Luiz; Merege-Filho, Carlos Alberto Abujabra; Dozzi Brucki, Sonia Maria; de Salles Painelli, Vitor.

Delivering a tele-health intervention promoting motivation and leisure-time physical activity among adults with spinal cord injury: An implementation evaluation.
Pages 114-132.
Rocchi, Meredith A.; Robichaud Lapointe, Tracy; Gainforth, Heather L.; Chemtob, Keryn; Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Kelly P.; Kairy, Dahlia; Sweet, Shane N.

Performance Psychology

Perfectionism, burnout, and engagement in dance: The moderating role of autonomy support.
Pages 133-148.
Jowett, Gareth E.; Hill, Andrew P.; Curran, Thomas; Hall, Howard K.; Clements, Lucie.

Pressure training for performance domains: A meta-analysis.
Pages 149-163.
Low, William R.; Sandercock, G. R. H.; Freeman, Paul; Winter, Marie E.; Butt, Joanne; Maynard, Ian.

Mental toughness as a psychological determinant of behavioral perseverance in special forces selection.
Pages 164-175.
Gucciardi, Daniel F.; Lines, Robin L. J.; Ducker, Kagan J.; Peeling, Peter; Chapman, Michael T.; Temby, Philip.

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