Sport, Education and Society, Volume 23, 2018, Issue 5

Using visual methodologies to understand pre-service Health and Physical Education teachers’ subjectivities of bodies
Valeria Varea & Bonnie Pang

Young people’s knowledge and understanding of health, fitness and physical activity: issues, divides and dilemmas
Jo Harris, Lorraine Cale, Rebecca Duncombe & Hayley Musson

Rethinking the ‘aspirations’ of Chinese girls within and beyond Health and Physical Education and physical activity in Greater Western Sydney
Bonnie Pang & Joanne Hill

Integrating complexity thinking with teacher education practices: a collective yet unpredictable endeavour in physical education?
Mike Jess, Matthew Atencio & Nicola Carse

Teaching values in physical education classes: the perception of Brazilian teachers
Elisabete dos Santos Freire, Bruna Gabriela Marques & Maria Luiza de Jesus Miranda

‘I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as aboriginal games’: a figurational account of how Indigenous students experience physical education
John Williams

Exploring physically active play in the early childhood curriculum from a complexity thinking perspective
Hanin Hussain

A qualitative analysis of the factors determining the quality of relations between a novice physical education teacher and his students’ families: implications for the development of professional identity
Gustavo González-Calvo & Juan-Miguel Fernández-Balboa

Exploring the perspectives of physically active and inactive adolescents: how does physical education influence their lifestyles?
João Martins, Adilson Marques, António Rodrigues, Hugo Sarmento, Marcos Onofre & Francisco Carreiro da Costa

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