Sport, Business and Management, Volume 12, 2022, Issue 4


Risks of expressing your authentic self in sport: the influence of stigma covering on perceived job fit and hiring recommendations
Jeffrey D. MacCharles, E. Nicole Melton

The multi-dimensionality of competitive balance: evidence from European football
Bill Gerrard, Morten Kringstad

Why are major sports events trapped in the winner’s curse? A case study of the 2017 World Road Cycling Championship
Harry Arne Solberg, Denis Mike Becker, Jon Martin Denstadli, Frode Heldal, Per Ståle Knardal, Thor Atle Thøring

Added value for sponsors: a study of network in football 2011–2018
Morten Erichsen, Trond Stiklestad, Marthe Holum, Tor Georg Jakobsen

The influence of multiple combinations of celebrity endorsers on consumers’ intentions to purchase a sports-related product
Aaron von Felbert, Christoph Breuer

An institutional analysis of gender (in)equalities, COVID-19 and governance of elite women’s football in Australia, England and the USA
Beth G. Clarkson, Keith D. Parry, Alex Culvin, Stacey Pope

French men’s professional basketball under the economic shock of the Covid-19
Yann Carin, Cyprien Desquennes, Lukas Jaworski, Wladimir Andreff

The impact of environmental barriers on attendance of outdoor and indoor professional sports: the case of the South Korean soccer, baseball and basketball leagues
Seomgyun Lee, Taeyeon Oh, Choong Hoon Lim

PAOK fans clash with riot police during the semifinal Greek Cup game between PAOK and Olympiacos played at Toumba stadium, Thessaloniki 2016 (Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock)

Agency problems concerning the handling of fan misbehaviour and its punishment in football
Philipp Winskowski, Susanne Homölle

Investigating the intention to use fitness app: the role of the perceived attractiveness of fitness center customers
Antonio Andrés Gómez-Ruiz, Pablo Gálvez-Ruiz, Moisés Grimaldi-Puyana, Alejandro Lara-Bocanegra, Jerónimo García-Fernández

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