Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3

Special issue: Reinventing the economics of sport

sbmProductivity in Professional Spanish Basketball
Marta Brosed Lázaro, Manuel Espitia-Escuer, Lucía Isabel García-Cebrián
Research paper

Economic crisis, sport success and willingness to pay: The case of a football club
Pablo Castellanos Garcia, Jaume García Villar, José Manuel Sánchez Santos
Research paper

Top European football clubs and social networks : A true 2.0 relationship?
Noelia Araújo, Pablo de Carlos, Jose Antonio Fraiz
Research paper

Using a brief questionnaire to assess the overall perception of basketball spectators
Ferran Calabuig Moreno, Josep Crespo Hervás, Vicente Javier Prado-Gascó, Juan Manuel Núñez-Pomar
Research paper

Is human capital protection effective? The case of the Basque Country in Spanish Football
Jonatan Calero, Julio del Corral
Research paper

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