Sociology of Sport Journal, Volume 37, 2020, Issue 2


Decolonizing Sport Science: High Performance Sport, Indigenous Cultures, and Women’s Rugby
Holly Thorpe, Julie Brice and Anna Rolleston
Pages: 73–84

“The Stories That Will Make a Difference Aren’t the Easy Ones”: Outdoor Recreation, the Wilderness Ideal, and Complicating Settler Mobility
Jason Laurendeau
Pages: 85–95

The Uses of Running: Urban Homelessness, Creative Initiatives, and “Recovery” in the Neoliberal City
Bryan C. Clift
Pages: 96–107

“I Just Want to Be Left Alone”: Novel Sociological Insights Into Dramaturgical Demands on Professional Athletes
Martin Roderick and Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson
Pages: 108–116

Blazing a New Trail: The Role of Communication Technology in Women’s Mountain Biking
Karen McCormack
Pages: 117–124

Managing Fear and Fantasy: Cultural Politics and Gameplay Governance in the National Basketball Association, 1990–2006
Steve Booth Marston
Pages: 125–132

Heroes at Home, Suspects Abroad? National and International Perceptions of Elite-Sports Success
Jan Haut, Freya Gassmann, Eike Emrich, Tim Meyer and Christian Pierdzioch
Pages: 133–142

Sports Participation and Attitudes Toward Race and Ethnicity: A Study of Twelfth-Grade Students in the United States
Bryan E. Denham
Pages: 143–151


Sport and Technology: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective
Bethany Geckle
Pages: 152–153

The Sportsworld of the Hanshin Tigers: Professional Baseball in Modern Japan
John Horne
Pages: 154–155

Women Sport Fans: Identification, Participation, Representation
Katharine W. Jones
Pages: 156–157

Skill Transmission, Sport and Tacit Knowledge: A Sociological Perspective
John Deidouss
Pages: 158–159

Mascot Nation: The Controversy Over Native American Representation in Sports
Rebecca A. Alt
Pages: 160–161

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