Sociology of Sport Journal, Volume 36, 2019, Issue 3


“We Are All Broncos”: Hockey, Tragedy, and the Formation of Canadian Identity
Liam Kennedy, Derek Silva, Madelaine Coelho and William Cipolli III
Pages: 189–202

High School Football and the Athletic-Market Economy: Recruiting, Producing, and Manufacturing Talent
Charles Macaulay, Joseph Cooper and Shaun Dougherty
Pages: 203–212

Pretty Strong Women: Ingenious Agency, Pink Gloves and Muay Thai
Sharyn G. Davies and Antje Deckert
Pages: 213–223

Optimizing Companion Cats: Feline Agility, Biopower, and Possibilities of Interspecies Care in Sport
Garrett Bunyak
Pages: 224–232

Gender Differences in Sport Spectatorship and (Fe)male Adolescents’ Gender Identity, Experienced Pressure for Gender Conformity and Gender Role Attitudes
Susan Lagaert, Mieke Van Houtte and Henk Roose
Pages: 233–243

Trust and Distrust in Community Sports Work: Tales From the “Shop Floor”
Laura A. Gale, Ben A. Ives, Paul A. Potrac and Lee J. Nelson
Pages: 244–253


Sports Criminology: A Critical Criminology of Sports and Games
Deborah Jump
Pages: 254–255

21st Century Jocks: Sporting Men and Contemporary Heterosexuality
Katie Rodgers
Pages: 256–257

The Black Migrant Athlete: Media, Race, and the Diaspora in Sports
Ophir Sefiha
Pages: 258–259

Localizing Global Sport for Development
Michael Dao
Pages: 260–261

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