Sociology of Sport Journal, Volume 35, 2018, Issue 2


Riding the Lines: Academia, Public Intellectual Work, and Scholar-Activism
Jules Boykoff

Re-Assembling Sport for Development and Peace Through Actor Network Theory: Insights from Kingston, Jamaica
Simon C. Darnell, Richard Giulianotti, P. David Howe, and Holly Collison

Chasing Rx: A Spatial Ethnography of the CrossFit Gym
Matt C. Crockett and Ted Butryn

Gibberish in Communicating Written Physical Activity Information: Making Strides at Derailing a Perpetual Problem
Jafrā D. Thomas and Bradley J. Cardinal

Beyond the Black/White Binary: A Multi-Institutional Study of Campus Climate and the Academic Success of College Athletes of Different Racial Backgrounds
Leticia Oseguera, Dan Merson, C. Keith Harrison, and Sue Rankin

Exploring NCAA Division I Athletic Administrator Perceptions of Male and Female Athletic Directors’ Achievements: A Photo Elicitation Study
Eddie Comeaux and Adam Martin

Concussion in Sport: Public, Professional and Critical Sociologies
Dominic Malcolm

Under Surveillance: Collegiate Athletics as a Total Institution
Sarah J. Hatteberg

The Intersections of Dance and Sport
Pirkko Markula

“This Dancing Business is More Hazardous Than Any ‘He-Man’ Sport”: Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers
Patricia Vertinsky

Dancing With Derrida: Deconstructing Sportswomen’s Performances on Dancing with the Stars and Mira Quien Baila
Montserrat Martin, Nancy Spencer, and Toni Bruce


Women and Fitness in American Culture
Faye Linda Wachs

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