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Andy Miah

Dear colleagues,

The following list has been set up to share info about new social media apps, platforms, and websites that have relevance to HE professionals.

It expects to be less of a discussion list and more of a quick news list for people to share links to new tech, to help keep everyone aware of the next big thing in social media.

Here’s a nice one for starters…
“vyclone is a social video platform that lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment, effortlessly” likely to change how people make film
Please share with colleagues within your university.
Best wishes,

Professor Andy Miah, Ph.D. | @andymiah |
Director, Creative Futures Institute
School of Creative & Cultural Industries
University of the West of Scotland,
MAKE Space, Paisley Campus (Room A211)
PA1 2BE, Scotland, UK.
[t] +44 757 898 4147

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