SCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education, Vol. 29 No. 1



Introduction to the Special Issue: Outcome-Based Assessment and Student Learning
Erik Rosegard, Craig Ross, Cheryl Stevens

Invited Articles

The Council on Accreditation of Park, Recreation, Tourism, and Related Professions: 2013 Standards: The Importance of Outcome-Based Assessment and the Connection to Student Learning
Michael A. Blazey

Negotiating the COAPRT Learning Outcomes Transition Using Quality Management Tools: A Case Study of the COAPRT Beta Test Site
Gary D. Ellis

Service First: Embracing the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning through Active Engagement in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Education
Keri Schwab, Brian Greenwood, Daniel Dustin

Research Articles

Measuring Student Learning Outcomes Using the SALG Instrument
Kathleen Scholl, Heather M. Olsen

Using Competencies to Assess Entry-Level Knowledge of Students Graduating from Parks and Recreation Academic Programs
Amy R. Hurd, Daniel J. Elkins, Brent A. Beggs

Assessing Outcomes of a Realistic Major Preview in an Introductory Sport Management Course
David Pierce, Elizabeth Wanless, James Johnson

Using Reflection to Assess Students’ Ability to Learn and Develop Leadership Skills
Heather M. Olsen, Brooke Burk

Are Posters Worth the Paper They Are Printed On?: The Pedagogy of Posters in Hospitality and Tourism Management Education
Jane A. Legget, Erwin Losekoot, Lindsay Neill, Yvonne Wood

Student Perspectives on the Impact of Service Learning on the Educational Experience
Colleen A. Cooke, M. Elizabeth Kemeny

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