Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 14, 2023

Hans Erik Næss & Tor Anders Hanssen
‘The only person you can delegate tasks to is yourself’: Leadership challenges and turnover in national federations of sport
Pages 1–27
Published March 1, 2023

Runa Westerlund
How Do Preservice Teachers Produce and Reproduce Knowledge When Participating in a Subject Matter Course?
Pages 29–52
Published March 8, 2023

Carsten Stage & Stinne Bach Nielsen
Reversal, normalization and self-care – three logics of countering body shame through fitness activities among young Danes
Pages 53–74
Published March 27, 2023

Jesper Karlsson, Magnus Kilger, Åsa Bäckström & Karin Redelius
Barn- och ungdomsidrottens entreprenörer på en kommersiell spelplan – en positioneringsanalys
Pages 75–98
Published April 19, 2023

Mihaly Szerovay
A new playing field: Changing logics in the use of spaces by Finnish sport clubs
Pages 99-124
Published June 9, 2023

Anna Lee, Salme Kärkkäinen, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Kimmo Suomi, Hanna Vehmas & Jari Villberg
The politics–administration dichotomy in support for national sport guidelines in local government: The views of Finnish municipal top decision-makers on child and youth physical activity guidelines
Pages 125–150
Published October 9, 2023

(Shutterstock/Chalermpon Poungpeth)

Ingeborg Ljødal, Bjørn Harald Olstad & Anne Marte Pensgaard
Motives, Motivation, and Motivational Climate of Young Norwegian Swimmers, and their Parents’ Belief
Pages 151–175
Published November 15, 2023

Anne Tjønndal, Martine Limstrand & Siv Stavang Aune
Regionalt idrettsdemokrati: Hvem deltar og hva påvirker interesse for deltakelse på idrettskretsting?
Pages 177–203
Published November 30, 2023

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