Running & Landscape – a seminar at Alnarp and an excursion in Scania | May 7–8, 2015, in Sweden

Research on fitness (and post-sport) running has gained momentum in recent years. Studies on bodily experiences of running, the history of jogging, and running for well-being have moved beyond the confined field of sport studies, and are today a subject for interdisciplinary conversations within geography, ethnography, planning, and so on. The increased attention on running is partly related to new discourses within research (e.g. the mobility turn), but also to the marked rise internationally in fun runs and marathons etc., which has been accompanied by a flood of handbooks on how to exercise and books on running as an existential experience. Yet, despite the increased interest within research and popular culture, knowledge about the everyday practice of running remains scarce, not the least concerning how the runners interact with the outdoor environment. Where and when do people run, and why? How does running as an exercise practice vary from place to place? Are there social or cultural differences related to how we behave as runners in an urban environment? How has running evolved as a form of everyday exercise? How could planners facilitate a more welcome and inclusive urban landscape for fitness running? Equally important questions regard methodology and empirical material: how to study runners, or the interaction between runners and the landscape?



This seminar offers an interdisciplinary dialogue on running, with a particular focus on the interface between running and landscape. While emphasis is set on running as an everyday activity, rather than on sport events (or on the sport as such), we invite scholars from a wide field of studies within social sciences and the humanities. Landscape, furthermore, is not limited to scenic qualities or representations, and papers which take running (or the runner) as a point of departure to widen or elaborate upon the very idea of landscape are welcome. The seminar will be combined with an excursion (focusing on the long history of planning for fitness running in Sweden), as a way to open up for complementary discussions in the field.

The seminar is free of charge but with limited capacity.Please contact Mattias Qviström who accepts registrations up until April 27.  There will be a minor charge for the excursion. Again, check with Mattias, who will be able also to provide an itinerary and detailed programme for the excursion.

7th of May, Alnarp: Seminar

Final programme, with abstracts, available here —>

8th of May, Malmö: Excursion

9.00 (departure from Malmö) – ca 15.00. The excursion will focus on three different locations in the Malmö area with running trails and outdoor gyms (Torup/Bokskogen, Bulltfta and Pildammsparken). The oldest trails dates back to the early 1970s, the newest outdoor gyms and improved running trails were opened last year. A few short presentations (of the outdoor gym, the running trend in Malmö, etc.) will be given during the excursion. There will also be opportunities to go for a run. Lunch and coffee will be offered.

The excursion ends at ca 15.00, very close to Triangeln station, with direct trains to Copenhagen airport. It will be possible to bring your luggage on the bus during the excursion.

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