Recreational Sports Journal, Vol. 46, 2022, Issue 2

Original Articles

The Influence of University Recreation Centers on Student Return and Retention During COVID-19
John J. Miller and J. Chris Croft

Inclusivity & Modification Attitudes in Collegiate Intramural Sport: A Pilot Study
K.M. Rougeau, K.S. Sakyi, and C.K. Piletic

Open Access
Policies and Practices for Equity: Perspectives of Campus Recreation Staff in North America
Oliver W. A. Wilson, Samantha L. Powers, and Melissa Bopp

College Freshmen’s Wellness Center Usage, Physical Activity, and Symptoms of Depression
Allison Leonard and Hung-Ling (Stella) Liu

Open Access
Distinguishing Participants and Non-Participants in Campus Recreation: The Roles of Knowledge and Motivations
Ryan Snelgrove, Vinu Selvaratnam, Laura Wood, and Luke R. Potwarka

The Effects of Participation in Recreational Activities on Students’ Resilience and Sense of Belonging
Krista M. Soria, Brayden Boettcher, and Katherine Hallahan

Will I See Faces Like Mine?: Exploring Perceived Constraints to Outdoor Recreation Experiences at an HBCU
Catherine E. Dorwart, Anthony F. Patterson, and Cameron Smith

The Walter J. Hawrys Campus Recreation Center at Stony Brook University May 2015. (Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov)

The Relationship Between College Students’ Perceptions of Their Campus Recreation Center Climate to Their Thriving in Physical Activity
Kaytlin M. Strande and Mary D. Fry

Open Access
A Review of Campus Recreation and Sport-Based Experience Literature in Higher Education Contexts
Kevin E. S. Wilson

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