Recreational Sports Journal, Vol. 44, 2020, Issue 1

Editor’s Corner

Editor’s Corner
Robert Barcelona

Original Articles

The Relationships Between Sport Club Activities and University and Member Attachment
Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Mark A. Beattie, Daniel E. Wray, Richard L. Bailey, Tarkington J. Newman, and Annemarie Farrell

Examining Work Experiences Among Collegiate Recreation Employees
Colin Lopez, Elizabeth A. Taylor, Gareth J. Jones, Matt R. Huml, and Daniel Funk

“I’m Not an Expert, But…”: Perspectives on Aquatic Management for LGBTQ Participants
Austin Robert Anderson, Eric Knee, and William Dominic Ramos

The Key Psychological Beliefs Underlying Student Participation in Recreational Sport
Tom St Quinton and Julie A. Brunton

Qualitative Examination of International Graduate Students’ Experiences With Campus Recreation Services
Seonghun Lee, Tyler Spencer, Mary A. Hums, and Meera Alagaraja

Campus Wellness Facility, Student Contentment and Health
Timothy Makubuya, Yvette Kell, Cyprian Maro, and Zhankun Wang

Perceived Meanings and Implications of Transgender Inclusive Policies in Collegiate Recreation: An Exploratory Study
Jennifer A. Pecoraro and Brenda G. Pitts

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