Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 67, July 2023


Review Articles

Open Access
Effects of behaviour change interventions on physical activity in people with spinal cord injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Paul K. Watson, Aitthanatt C. Eitivipart, Glen M. Davis, Mohit Arora, James W. Middleton, Camila Quel De Oliveira

Do acute and chronic physical activity interventions affect the cognitive function of preschool children? A meta-analysis
Huiqi Song, Jing-Jing Wang, Borui Zhang, Lei Shi, Patrick W.C. Lau

Social identity in sport: A scoping review of the performance hypothesis
Sarah A. Stephen, Pete Coffee, Christine M. Habeeb, Robert Morris, David Tod

Research Articles

Digital media and mental health in adolescent athletes
Radha Fiedler, Jahan Heidari, Tim Birnkraut, Michael Kellmann

Perceived self-efficacy by Under-10 tennis players when scaling the equipment and play area
Jose Maria Gimenez-Egido, João Carvalho, Duarte Araújo, Enrique Ortega-Toro

Open Access
Exploring the impact of individualized pleasure-oriented exercise sessions in a health club setting: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Diogo S. Teixeira, Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Ana J. Andrade, Vasco Bastos, António L. Palmeira

Effect of brief mindfulness and relaxation inductions on anxiety, affect and brain activation in athletes
Jui-Ti Nien, Diane L. Gill, Ting-Yin Chou, Chen-Shuo Liu, Xiaoling Geng, Tsung-Min Hung, Yu-Kai Chang

Is running a state of mind? Sports training as a potential method for developing cognitive flexibility
Weronika Król, Aleksandra Gruszka

The Transtheoretical model’s processes of change in the heart of a physical activity intervention: A series of n-of-1
Josyanne Lapointe, Alain-Steve Comtois, Ahmed-Jérôme Romain, Paquito Bernard

A random forest approach to explore how situational variables affect perceived exertion of elite youth soccer players
Diego Marqués-Jiménez, Jaime Sampaio, Julio Calleja-González, Ibon Echeazarra

Connections between caring climate, self-compassion, self-pity, and reactions to an emotionally difficult sport situation
Lori A. Gano-Overway, Meghan C. Peterson

Flow and outdoor adventure recreation: Using flow measures to re-examine motives for participation
S.A. Jackson, R.C. Eklund, A. Gordon, C. Norsworthy, S. Houge Mackenzie, K. Hodge, S.A. Stephen

Resilience and Enhancement in Sport, Exercise, & Training (RESET): A brief self-compassion intervention with NCAA student-athletes
Ashley L. Kuchar, Kristin D. Neff, Amber D. Mosewich

Screen-based and non-screen-based sedentary behaviors are differentially associated with affective states in older adults
Brynn L. Hudgins, Derek J. Hevel, Jaclyn P. Maher

Understanding mental toughness at a Women’s Australian rules football club
James D. Clark, Clifford J. Mallett, Gene M. Moyle, Tristan J. Coulter

Open Access
Interpersonal psychological well-being among coach-athlete-sport psychology practitioner triads
Richard A.C. Simpson, Faye F. Didymus, Toni L. Williams

Sport bodies: An examination of positive body image, sport-confidence, and subjective sport performance in Jamaican athletes
Chelsi Ricketts, Leapetswe Malete, Nicholas D. Myers, André G. Bateman, Caryl James Bateman

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Predictors of changes in running and smoking identity among individuals in the Run to Quit smoking cessation program
Colin M. Wierts, Mark R. Beauchamp, Carly S. Priebe, Bruno D. Zumbo, Ryan E. Rhodes, Guy Faulkner

Are trait self-control and self-control resources mediators of relations between executive functions and health behaviors?
Cyril Forestier, Margaux de Chanaleilles, Roxane Bartoletti, Boris Cheval, Aïna Chalabaev, Thibault Deschamps

Open Access
The role of career adaptability resources in dual career pathways: A person-oriented longitudinal study across elite sports upper secondary school
Juulia Ojala, Aku Nikander, Kaisa Aunola, Jessica De Palo, Tatiana V. Ryba

Experiences with social support among older adult women participating in gay square dancing
L. Jayne Beselt, Meghan H. McDonough, Christine A. Walsh, Sarah J. Kenny

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest dancer of them all? A naturalistic lens model study on the judgment of dance performance
K. Geukes, V. Hecht, T. Utesch, B. Bläsing, M.D. Back

Child perceived motor competence as a moderator between physical activity parenting and child objectively measured physical activity
Arto Laukkanen, Donna Niemistö, Kaisa Aunola, Lisa M. Barnett, Arja Sääkslahti

A framework to explain the in-match decision-making of elite Australian football coaches
Mitchell F. Aarons, Will Vickery, Lyndell Bruce, Chris M. Young, Dan B. Dwyer

Articles from the Special Issue on Actual/perceived motor competence; Edited by Isaac Estevan

Advancing the understanding in the association between actual/perceived motor competence and health-related factors among children and adolescents
Isaac Estevan, An De Meester, Lisa M. Barnett

Effect of a motor skill-based intervention in the relationship of individual and contextual factors in children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder from low-income families
Mariele Santayana de Souza, Glauber Carvalho Nobre, Nadia Cristina Valentini

Short Communication

Pacing strategy in trail running: A cognitive subtractive model of the affective balance between effort and pleasure?
Antonin Bordas, Eric Fruchart

An ecological momentary assessment study of affectively-charged motivational states and physical activity
Rachel Crosley-Lyons, Bridgette Do, Micaela Hewus, Genevieve F. Dunton

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