Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 61, July 2022

Review Articles

Performance slumps in sport: A systematic review
Joe Stead, Jamie Poolton, David Alder

Body image and disordered eating prevention in girls’ sport: A partner-driven and stakeholder-informed scoping review of interventions
Kelsey Sick, Catherine M. Sabiston, Aryel Maharaj, Eva Pila

Meta-analysis of the reduced relative feedback frequency effect on motor learning and performance
Brad McKay, Julia Hussien, Mary-Anne Vinh, Alexandre Mir-Orefice, … Diane M. Ste-Marie

Research Articles

Crowd reception influences avoidance behavior during football penalty-kicks, but you wouldn’t know it: A retrospective analysis of professional games
S.H. Park, L. Uiga, R.S.W. Masters

A conceptual model for mental health and performance of North American athletes: A mixed methods study
Erin Ayala, Laina Nelson, Matthew Bartholomew, David Plummer

Situational information and the design of representative learning tasks: What impact does a scoreboard have on expert taekwondo fighters’ behaviour and affective-cognitive responses?
Michael A. Maloney, Ian Renshaw, Daniel Greenwood, Damian Farrow

Magnitude, timing and duration of mood state and cognitive effects of acute moderate exercise in major depressive disorder
Jacob D. Meyer, Thomas A. Murray, Cassandra S. Brower, Gabriel A. Cruz-Maldonado, … Nathaniel G. Wade

Personality traits moderate the relationships between psychological needs and enjoyment of physical activity
Eliane S. Engels, Anne K. Reimers, Muriel Pickel, Philipp A. Freund

Examining associations between self-conscious emotions and implicit and reflective processes among adolescent girls and boys
Ross M. Murray, Jenna D. Gilchrist, David E. Conroy, Catherine M. Sabiston

Examining links between coaching behaviors and collegiate athletes’ burnout levels using a longitudinal approach
Kathleen T. Mellano, Thelma S. Horn, Mallory Mann

Switching attentional focus across internal and external cues improves performance in a rowing task in novices
David L. Neumann, Ashleigh Olive, Robyn L. Moffitt, Tim Piatkowski

Primary school teacher outcomes from online professional development for physical literacy: A randomised controlled trial
Aaron Simpson, Michael Rosenberg, Brodie Ward, Ashleigh L. Thornton, … Ben Jackson

Acceptance by athletes of a virtual reality head-mounted display intended to enhance sport performance
Nicolas Mascret, Gilles Montagne, Antoine Devrièse-Sence, Alexandre Vu, Richard Kulpa

Associations between parent perceived social cognitive factors and child objectively measured physical activity behaviors among preschool-aged children
Qing He, Amy S.C. Ha, Johan Y.Y. Ng, John Cairney, Chloe Bedard

Controlling the flight on double-handed foiling catamarans: The role of shared equipment on the crew members’ mutual modes of regulation
Eric Terrien, Benoît Huet, Jacques Saury

Capturing coaches’ identity leadership within youth sport
Jordan D. Herbison, Jordan T. Sutcliffe, Luc J. Martin, Colin D. McLaren, Richard B. Slatcher, Alex J. Benson, Ian D. Boardley, Jean Côté, Mark W. Bruner

Exploring the interplay between sport modality and cognitive function in open- and closed-skill athletes
Gabriele Russo, Marcelo Bigliassi, Andrea Ceciliani, Alessia Tessari

Photo by Morgan House on Unsplash

Repeated exercise class attendance: The role of class members’ similarity and social identification
Mark Stevens, Sophie White, Alysia M. Robertson, Tegan Cruwys

Sleep dependent consolidation of gross motor sequence learning with motor imagery
Ursula Debarnot, Angèle Metais, Guillaume Digonet, Emilie Freitas, Yoann Blache, Arnaud Saimpont

Perceptual-cognitive performance of youth soccer players in a 360°-environment – An investigation of the relationship with soccer-specific performance and the effects of systematic training
Paul Ehmann, Adam Beavan, Jan Spielmann, Jan Mayer, Ludwig Ruf, Stefan Altmann, Leon Forcher, Niklas Klever, Sonja Rohrmann, Christian Nuß, Chris Englert

A psychological intervention reduces doping likelihood in British and Greek athletes: A cluster randomized controlled trial
Maria Kavussanu, Vassilis Barkoukis, Philip Hurst, Mariya Yukhymenko-Lescroart, Lida Skoufa, Andrea Chirico, Fabio Lucidi, Christopher Ring


Towards consensus in conceptualizing and operationalizing physical activity maintenance
Genevieve F. Dunton, Adam M. Leventhal, Amanda L. Rebar, Benjamin Gardner, Stephen S. Intille, Alexander J. Rothman

Short Communication

Article from the Special Issue on Emotions in sport Edited by Claudio Robazza & Montse Ruiz

Why study emotions in sport?
Claudio Robazza, Montse C. Ruiz

Development and initial validation of the Team Mental Models Instrument (TMMI): A psychometric tool to measure shared and complementary mental models in sports
Edson Filho, Jean Rettig, Pedro Gaspar, Guilherme Bagni

Article from the Special Issue on A Developmental Perspective on Motor-Cognitive Interactions and Performance in Sports; Edited by Markus Raab, Lisa Musculus

A Developmental Perspective on Motor-Cognitive Interactions and Performance in Sports
Lisa Musculus, Markus Raab

Articles from the Special Issue on Actual/perceived motor competence; Edited by Isaac Estevan

The physical self-concept across childhood: Measurement development and meaning for physical activity
D Dreiskämper, M Tietjens, N Schott

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