Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 53, March 2021

Research Articles

Development and initial validation of the coaching life skills in sport questionnaire
Martin Camiré, Stéphanie Turgeon, Sara Kramers, Scott Rathwell, Corliss Bean, Camille Sabourin, Scott Pierce

Canadian athletes’ perspectives of mental health care and the importance of clinicians’ sport knowledge: A multi-method investigation
Rachel Jewett, Gretchen Kerr, Michelle Dionne

Open Access
Implications of the identity position for dual career construction: Gendering the pathways to (Dis)continuation
Tatiana V. Ryba, Noora J. Ronkainen, Kitrina Douglas, Kaisa Aunola

Mental health of circus artists: Psychological resilience, circus factors, and demographics predict depression, anxiety, stress, and flourishing
Fleur E.C.A. van Rens, Brody Heritage

Retrospective and concurrent perspectives of the transition into senior professional female football within the United Kingdom
Michael McGreary, Robert Morris, Martin Eubank

Autonomy support and control within mother-father parenting structures: A person-centered approach in youth sport
Liam O’Neil, Anthony J. Amorose

Towards a framework of cognitive processes during competitive golf using the Think Aloud method
Amy E. Whitehead, Patricia C. Jackman

Unpacking educational athletics: An exploratory study of high school athletic directors’ critical praxis
Jill Kochanek, Karl Erickson

Too bored for sports? Adaptive and less-adaptive latent personality profiles for exercise behavior
Wanja Wolff, Maik Bieleke, Johanna Stähler, Julia Schüler

Rhythmic Auditory Music Stimulation increases task-distraction during exercise among cardiac rehabilitation patients: A secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
Chineze Nwebube, Guy E. Faulkner, Michael H. Thaut, Lee R. Bartel, Therese A. Stukel, Donald A. Redelmeier, Susan Marzolini, Joyce L. Chen, Jack M. Goodman, Paul I. Oh, Laurel J. Trainor, Jeff Wolpert, Jessica A. Grahn, Pranali Raval, David A. Alter

Bracketed morality in adolescent football players: A tale of two contexts
Maria Kavussanu, Christopher Ring

Self-control exertion and caffeine mouth rinsing: Effects on cycling time-trial performance
Ruth Boat, Ollie Williamson, Jake Read, Yoon Hyuk Jeong, Simon B. Cooper

Olympic coaching excellence: A quantitative study of psychological aspects of Olympic swimming coaches
Gillian M. Cook, David Fletcher, Michael Peyrebrune

Participation profiles of current masters swimmers and their (lack of) retrospective associations with youth experiences
Heather K. Larson, Bradley W. Young, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Wendy M. Rodgers

Mirror, mirror – Does the fitness club industry have a body image problem?
Lene A.H. Haakstad, Charlotte Jakobsen, Runar Barstad Solberg, Christine Sundgot-Borgen, Christina Gjestvang

The effects of embedding social identities on perceived leadership outcomes and the intentional mobilization of group members
Andrew L. Evans, Matthew J. Slater, Michael Edwards

Ethnic diversity and cohesion in interdependent youth sport contexts
Michael Godfrey, Taylor Coleman, Mark Eys

Review Articles

Flow in youth sport, physical activity, and physical education: A systematic review
Patricia C. Jackman, Emily J. Dargue, Julie P. Johnston, Rebecca M. Hawkins

Open Access
Parents about parenting dual career athletes: A systematic literature review.
Antonio Tessitore, Laura Capranica, Caterina Pesce, Nadine De Bois, Masar Gjaka, Giles Warrington, Ciaran MacDonncha, Mojca Doupona

Short Communications

Sleep facilitates anticipation training of a handball goalkeeping task in novices
Jörg Schorer, Nico Heibült, Stuart G. Wilson, Florian Loffing

Open Access
The role of team and sport social contexts: Are three-level models needed in studies of sport conduct?
Mariya A. Yukhymenko-Lescroart


Holistic movement practices – An emerging category of physical activity for exercise psychology
Ineke Vergeer, Mattias Johansson, Jonathan Y. Cagas


Corrigendum to ‘motivational profiles and burnout in elite athletes: A person-centered approach’ Psychology of Sport and Exercise, volume 35, March 2018, pages 118–125
Henrik Gustafsson, Maicon Carlin, Leslie Podlog, Andreas Stenling, Magnus Lindwall

Articles from the special issue Motorcognitive development edited by Prof. Markus Raab and Dr. Lisa Musculus

Comparing the efficacy (RCT) of learning a dance choreography and practicing creative dance on improving executive functions and motor competence in 6–7 years old children
James Rudd, Tim Buszard, Sharna Spittle, Laura O’Callaghan, Luca Oppici

Articles from the special issue Athletic Migration edited by Natalia Stambulova and Tatiana Ryba

Mobility and migration experiences of transnational coaches within the Israeli handball context
Roy David Samuel, Omer Eldadi, Yair Galily, Gershon Tenenbaum

Perceived inclusion in youth soccer teams: The role of societal status and perceived motivational goal climate
Nico W. Van Yperen, Silke Dankers, Anne-Marie Elbe, Xavier Sanchez, Sabine Otten

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