Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 46, January 2020

Social challenge and threat predict performance and cardiovascular responses during competitive video gaming
Behnke Maciej, Michal Kosakowski, Lukasz D. Kaczmarek

The role of ultrarunning in drug and alcohol addiction recovery: An autobiographic study of athlete journeys
Kerry R. McGannon, McKenna L’Estrange, Jenny McMahon

Compulsive exercise or exercise dependence? Clarifying conceptualizations of exercise in the context of eating disorder pathology
Christina Scharmer, Sasha Gorrell, Katherine Schaumberg, Drew Anderson

Additional effects of a cognitive task on dual-task training to reduce dual-task interference
Takehide Kimura, Ryouta Matsuura

Inhibitory control, conscious processing of movement and anxiety
S.H. Park, W.K. Lam, M.C.J. Hoskens, L. Uiga, A M. Cooke, R.S.W. Masters

A systematic review of religion/spirituality and sport: A psychological perspective
Young-Eun Noh, Syazana Shahdan

Redefining habits and linking habits with other implicit processes
Martin S. Hagger

Integrating situational probability and kinematic information when anticipating disguised movements
Fabian Helm, Rouwen Cañal-Bruland, David L. Mann, Nikolaus F. Troje, Jörn Munzert

Exceptional reported effects and data anomalies merit explanation from “A randomized controlled trial of coordination exercise on cognitive function in obese adolescents” by Liu et al. (2018)
Keisuke Ejima, Stephanie L. Dickinson, Andrew W. Brown, Jack A. Yanovski, Kathryn A. Kaiser, Kevin D. Hall, Steven B. Heymsfield, David B. Allison

Self-affirmation effects on doping related cognition among exercisers who use nutritional supplements
Vassilis Barkoukis, Richard Rowe, Peter R Harris, Lambros Lazuras

Exploring the psychology of extended-period expeditionary adventurers: Going knowingly into the unknown
Paula Reid, Hanna Kampman

Kinaesthetic imagery ability moderates the effect of an AO+MI intervention on golf putt performance: A pilot study
Eoghan McNeill, Niall Ramsbottom, Adam J. Toth, Mark J. Campbell

Flow states in adventure recreation: A systematic review and thematic synthesis
Patrick Boudreau, Susan Houge Mackenzie, Ken Hodge

Conducting exercise trials for obese adolescents within the effectiveness setting: A response with commentary to Ejima et al. (2019)
Yu-Kai Chang, Brandon L. Alderman, Chien-Heng Chu, Tsung-Min Hung, Jen-Hao Liu

The power of nonverbal behavior: Penalty-takers’ body language influences impression formation and anticipation performance in goalkeepers in a simulated soccer penalty task
Gijsbert Bijlstra, Philip Furley, Arne Nieuwenhuys

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