Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 45, November 2019

Listening to the heart. Getting closer to the somatic core of affective valuation of exercise through heart rate variability analysis 
Article Number 101541
Michaela Schinkoeth, Mathias Weymar, Ralf Brand

Developing team resilience: A season-long study of psychosocial enablers and strategies in a high-level sports team
Article Number 101543
Paul B.C. Morgan, David Fletcher, Mustafa Sarkar

Using genetic algorithms to abbreviate the Mindfulness Inventory for Sport: A substantive-methodological synthesis
Article Number 101545
Michael Noetel, Joseph Ciarrochi, Baljinder Sahdra, Chris Lonsdale

Putting the ‘we’ into workout: The association of identity leadership with exercise class attendance and effort, and the mediating role of group identification and comfort
Article Number 101544
Niklas K. Steffens, Emma L. Slade, Mark Stevens, S. Alexander Haslam, Tim Rees

Self-determination in recreational exercise: Associations with lapse and post-lapse emotions
Article Number 101548
Stephen L. Murphy, Ian M. Taylor

The rocky road to individuation: Sport psychologists’ perspectives on professional development
Article Number 101542
Hayley E. McEwan, David Tod, Martin Eubank

Exploring gaze behaviors toward images of physically active individuals with a physical disability
Article Number 101533
Shannon E. Weissman, Alexander Lithopoulos, Jennifer R. Tomasone, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung

Flow states in exercise: A systematic review
Article Number 101546
Patricia C. Jackman, Rebecca M. Hawkins, Lee Crust, Christian Swann

Let’s Go: Psychological, psychophysical, and physiological effects of music during sprint interval exercise
Article Number 101547
Matthew J. Stork, Costas I. Karageorghis, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

The influence of self-talk on challenge and threat states and performance
Article Number 101550
Adrian Hase, Jacob Hood, Lee J. Moore, Paul Freeman

Breaking the surface: Psychological outcomes among U.S. active duty service members following a surf therapy program
Article Number 101551
Kristen H. Walter, Nicholas P. Otis, Travis N. Ray, Lisa H. Glassman, Betty Michalewicz-Kragh, Alexandra L. Powell, Cynthia J. Thomsen

Mental contrasting in DanceSport: The champion’s mindset
Article Number 101511
Isabelle Qiyin Tay, Timothy Jacob Valshtein, Nora Rebekka Krott, Gabriele Oettingen

“Arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates”: Development and initial validation of the Attitudes Toward Athlete Activism Questionnaire (ATAAQ)
Article Number 101552
Ryan Sappington, Brian TaeHyuk Keum, Mary Ann Hoffman

A cluster-randomized controlled trial to improve student experiences in physical education: Results of a student-centered learning intervention with high school teachers
Article Number 101553
Barbara E. Bechter, James A. Dimmock, Ben Jackson

A meta-study of qualitative research on the junior-to-senior transition in sport
Article Number 101556
Karla Drew, Robert Morris, David Tod, Martin Eubank

Anticipation in Sharp Shooting: Cognitive Structures in Detecting Performance Errors
Article Number 101555
Shamsi S. Monfared, Gershon Tenenbaum, Jonathan R. Folstein

Barriers and facilitators impacting the experiences of adults participating in an internet-facilitated pedometer intervention
Article Number 101549
Gavin R. McCormack, Kimberley McFadden, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, John C. Spence, Kerry Mummery

Temporal sequencing of physical activity change constructs within the transtheoretical model
Article Number 101557
Claudio R. Nigg, Brook Harmon, Yu Jiang, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Robert W. Motl, Rodney K. Dishman

Do participant reporting practices in youth sport research adequately represent the diversity of sport contexts?
Article Number 101559
Madison Robertson, Christopher Hague, M. Blair Evans, Luc J. Martin

The influence of transcranial direct current stimulation on pain affect and endurance exercise
Article Number 101554
Rebecca Byrne, Andrew Flood

Sports-based mental health promotion in Australia: Formative evaluation
Article Number 101560
Stewart A. Vella, Christian Swann, Katherine M. Boydell, Simon Eckermann, Andrea Fogarty, Diarmuid Hurley, Sarah K. Liddle, Chris Lonsdale, Taren Sanders, Matthew J. Schweickle, Joanne Telenta, Frank P. Deane

“She is where I’d want to be in my career”: Youth athletes’ role models and their implications for career and identity construction
Article Number 101562
Noora J. Ronkainen, Tatiana V. Ryba, Harri Selänne

Who said “there is no ‘I’ in team”? The effects of observational learning content level on efficacy beliefs in groups
Article Number 101563
Adam M. Bruton, David A. Shearer, Stephen D. Mellalieu

What triggers changes in adolescents’ physical activity?Analysis of critical incidents during childhood and youth in student writings
Article Number 101564
Katri Kostamo, Kari Mikko Vesala, Nelli Hankonen

Run for the team: An analysis of effort gains in track and field relays
Article Number 101567
Joyce Elena Schleu, Andreas Mojzisch, Joachim Hüffmeier

Reciprocal effects model of Children’s physical activity, physical self-concept, and enjoyment
Article Number 101568
Alex C. Garn, E. Whitney Moore, Erin E. Centeio, Noel Kulik, Cheryl Somers, Nate McCaughtry

Sport, physical activity and physical education experiences: Associations with functional body image in children
Article Number 101572
Chloe P. Allen, Rohan M. Telford, Richard, D. Telford, Lisa S. Olive

The role of critical life events in the talent development pathways of athletes and musicians: A systematic review
Article Number 101565
Jannika M. John, Hannes Gropper, Ansgar Thiel

Development and preliminary validation of the Communal Coping Strategies Inventory for Competitive Team Sports
Article Number 101569
Chloé Leprince, Fabienne d’Arripe-Longueville, Julien Chanal, Julie Doron

United States parents’ perfectionism, parenting styles and perceptions of specialization in youth sport
Article Number 101571
Emily Wright, Melissa A. Chase, Thelma S. Horn, Robin S. Vealey

Towards a more refined insight in the critical motivating features of choice: An experimental study among recreational rope skippers
Article Number 101561
Gert-Jan De Muynck, Bart Soenens, Joachim Waterschoot, Lotte Degraeuwe, Gert Vande Broek, Maarten Vansteenkiste

The protective impact of a mental skills training session and motivational priming on participants’ psychophysiological responses to performance stress
Article Number 101574
Candace M. Hogue

The feasibility of Pilates to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and fatigue among people with Multiple Sclerosis: An eight-week randomized controlled pilot trial
Article Number 101573
Karl M. Fleming, Susan B. Coote, Matthew P. Herring

A qualitative investigation of coaches’ doping confrontation efficacy beliefs
Article Number 101576
Ian D. Boardley, Jonathan Grix, Nikos Ntoumanis, Alan L. Smith

Risk of exercise dependence in university students: A subtyping study utilizing latent profile analysis
Article Number 101575
Chantal Van Landeghem, Lorna S. Jakobson, Matthew T. Keough

The coach-parent relationship in Canadian competitive figure skating: An interpretive description
Article Number 101577
Jessie M. Wall, Leah M. Baugh, Kesha Pradhan, Mark R. Beauchamp, Sheila K. Marshall, Richard A. Young

Mental fatigue impairs visuomotor response time in badminton players and controls
Article Number 101579
Jeroen Van Cutsem, Kevin De Pauw, Cloé Vandervaeren, Samuele Marcora, Romain Meeusen, Bart Roelands

A daily diary study of interpersonal emotion regulation, the social environment, and team performance among university athletes
Article Number 101566
Katherine A. Tamminen, Elizabeth Page-Gould, Benjamin Schellenberg, Tess Palmateer, Sabrina Thai, Catherine M. Sabiston, Peter R.E. Crocker

Outside the lines: An exploratory study of high school sport head coaches’ critical praxis
Article Number 101580
Jill Kochanek, Karl Erickson

Judgement utility modulates the use of explicit contextual priors and visual information during anticipation
Article Number 101578
N. Viktor Gredin, David P. Broadbent, A. Mark Williams, Daniel T. Bishop

The Daily Mile™ initiative: Exploring physical activity and the acute effects on executive function and academic performance in primary school children
Article Number 101583
Jade L. Morris, Andy Daly-Smith, Victoria SJ. Archbold, Emma L. Wilkins, Jim McKenna

Perfectionism and performance following failure in a competitive golf-putting task
Article Number 101582
Michael R. Lizmore, John G.H. Dunn, Janice Causgrove Dunn, Andrew P. Hill

The 2 × 2 model of perfectionism and negative experiences in youth sport
Article Number 101581
S.H. Mallinson-Howard, A.P. Hill, H.K. Hall

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