Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 44, September 2019

Effects of mental fatigue on exercise decision-making
Pages 1-8
Sheereen Harris, Steven R. Bray

Maladaptive schemas as a potential mechanism through which irrational beliefs relate to psychological distress in athletes
Pages 9-16
M.J. Turner, G. Aspin, J. Gillman

The acute effects of analogy and explicit instruction on movement and performance
Pages 17-25
Ray Bobrownicki, Alan C. MacPherson, Dave Collins, John Sproule

Antecedents and consequences of perceived autonomy support in elite sport: A diary study linking coaches’ off-job recovery and athletes’ performance satisfaction
Pages 26-34
Yannick A. Balk, Jan de Jonge, Sabine A.E. Geurts, Wido G.M. Oerlemans

Effect of exposure time to smartphone apps on passing decision-making in male soccer athletes
Pages 35-41
Leonardo S. Fortes, Dalton Lima-Junior, José R.A. Nascimento-Júnior, Eduardo C. Costa, Marcelo O. Matta, Maria E.C. Ferreira

A feasibility study to assess the individual and combined effects of financial incentives and monetary contingency contracts on physical activity
Pages 42-50
Luke Budworth, Andrew Prestwich, Bianca Sykes-Muskett, Khaledha Khatun, James Ireland, Faye Clancy, Mark Conner

Examining the effect of challenge and threat states on endurance exercise capabilities
Pages 51-59
Tom G. Arthur, Mark. R. Wilson, Lee. J. Moore, Lee. J. Wylie, Samuel J. Vine

The perceptual – Cognitive skills of combat sports athletes: A systematic review
Pages 60-78
Gabriele Russo, Giovanni Ottoboni

Students’ perceptions of autonomy-supportive versus controlling teaching and basic need satisfaction versus frustration in relation to life skills development in PE
Pages 79-89
Lorcan Cronin, David Marchant, Justine Allen, Claire Mulvenna, David Cullen, Gareth Williams, Paul Ellison

The psychology of rest in athletes: An empirical study and initial model
Pages 90-98
David W. Eccles, Alexander W. Kazmier

Comparing movement imagery and action observation as techniques to increase imagery ability
Pages 99-106
Sarah E. Williams

Conceptualizing and testing a new tripartite measure of coach interpersonal behaviors
Pages 107-120
Nikita Bhavsar, Nikos Ntoumanis, Eleanor Quested, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Richard M. Ryan, Johnmarshall Reeve, Philippe Sarrazin, Kimberley J. Bartholomew

Corrigendum to “The relationship between multidimensional perfectionism and pre-competition emotions of youth footballers” [Psychology of Sport and Exercise 37 33–42]
Page 121
Tracy C. Donachie, Andrew P. Hill, Howard K. Hall

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