Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 40, January 2019

The effects of moral disengagement mechanisms on doping likelihood are mediated by guilt and moderated by moral traits
Christopher Ring, Philip Hurst
Pages 33-41

Understanding female athlete disordered eating and recovery through narrative turning points in autobiographies
Kerry R. McGannon, Jenny McMahon
Pages 42-50

Athletes’ retirement from elite sport: A qualitative study of parents and partners’ experiences
Christopher J. Brown, Thomas L. Webb, Mark A. Robinson, Rick Cotgreave
Pages 51-60

“The zipper effect”: Exploring the interrelationship of mental toughness and self-compassion among Canadian elite women athletes
Danielle Wilson, Erica V. Bennett, Amber D. Mosewich, Guy E. Faulkner, Peter R.E. Crocker
Pages 61-70

Sports performers’ perspectives on facilitating thriving in professional rugby contexts
Daniel J. Brown, Rachel Arnold
Pages 71-81

Enhanced or diminished expectancies in golf putting – Which actually affects performance?
Gal Ziv, Matar Ochayon, Ronnie Lidor
Pages 82-86

Optimal experiences in exercise: A qualitative investigation of flow and clutch states
Christian Swann, Patricia C. Jackman, Matthew J. Schweickle, Stewart A. Vella
Pages 87-98

A twin study on the correlates of voluntary exercise behavior in adolescence
Nienke M. Schutte, Ineke Nederend, Meike Bartels, Eco J.C. de Geus
Pages 99-109

Social identity and personal connections on the mat: Social network analysis within Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Alba Iara Cae Rodrigues, M. Blair Evans, Larissa R. Galatti
Pages 127-134

Exploring the use of think aloud within Women’s artistic gymnastics judging education
Jenne Lee, Zoe Knowles, Amy E. Whitehead
Pages 135-142

The company we keep: Exploring the relationship between perceived teammate self-compassion and athlete self-compassion
Alyson J. Crozier, Amber D. Mosewich, Leah J. Ferguson
Pages 152-155

Preparing UK tennis academy players for the junior-to-senior transition: Development, implementation, and evaluation of an intervention program
Elizabeth K.L. Pummell, David Lavallee
Pages 156-164

Highlighted Articles

A primer on investigating the after effects of acute bouts of physical activity on cognition
Matthew B. Pontifex, Amanda L. McGowan, Madison C. Chandler, Kathryn L. Gwizdala, Andrew C.Parksa, Kimberly Fenn, Keita Kamijo
Pages 1-22

Applying in life the skills learned in sport: A grounded theory
Kelsey Kendellen, Martin Camiré
Pages 23-32

Adopting a helicopter-perspective towards motivating and demotivating coaching: A circumplex approach
Jochen Delrue, Bart Reynders, Gert Vande Broek, Nathalie Aelterman, MaartenDe Backer, StevenDecroos, Gert-JanDe Muynck, JohnnyFontaine, KatrienFransen, Stefvan Puyenbroeck, LeenHaerens, MaartenVansteenkistea
Pages 110-126

Psychologically informed physical fitness practice in schools: A field experiment
Spyridoula Vazou, Amanda Mischo, Matthew A. Ladwig, Panteleimon Ekkekakis, Gregory Welk
Pages 143-151

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