Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 39, November 2018

Associations between students’ perceptions of physical education teachers’ interpersonal styles and students’ wellness, knowledge, performance, and intentions to persist at physical activity: A self-determination theory approach
Behzad Behzadnia, Paul J.C. Adachi, Edward L. Deci, Hasan Mohammadzadeh
Pages 10-19

A longitudinal examination of elite youth soccer players: The role of passion and basic need satisfaction in athletes’ optimal functioning
Jérémie Verner-Filion, Robert J. Vallerand
Pages 20-28

The effects of different types of imagery delivery on basketball free-throw shooting performance and self-efficacy
Fatemeh Fazel, Tony Morris, Anthony Watt, Rouhollah Maher
Pages 29-37

A daily diary approach to investigate the effect of ego depletion on intentions and next day behavior
Amanda L. Rebar, James A. Dimmock, Ryan E. Rhodes, Ben Jackson
Pages 38-44

The role of athletic identity in the development of athlete burnout: The moderating role of psychological flexibility
Wen Hsin Chang, Chia-Huei Wu, Che-Chun Kuo, Lung Hung Chen
Pages 45-51

The effect of mentally demanding cognitive tasks on rowing performance in young athletes
Luca Filipas, Francesca Mottola, Gaia Tagliabue, Antonio La Torre
Pages 52-62

The influence of a modified ball on transfer of passing skill in soccer
Luca Oppici, Derek Panchuk, Fabio Rubens Serpiello, Damian Farrow
Pages 63-71

Linking self-efficacy and decision-making processes in developing soccer players
Lisa Musculus, Markus Raab, Patrick Belling, Babett Lobinger
Pages 72-80

Football coaches’ perceptions of the introduction, delivery and evaluation of visual exploratory activity
Craig Pulling, Philip Kearney, David Eldridge, Matt Dicks
Pages 81-89

Nonverbal behavior accompanying challenge and threat states under pressure
Jack Brimmell, John K. Parker, Philip Furley, Lee J. Moore
Pages 90-94

Usefulness of the Athlete Burnout Questionnaire (ABQ) as a screening tool for the detection of clinically relevant burnout symptoms among young elite athletes
Markus Gerber, Henrik Gustafsson, Harald Seelig, Michael Kellmann, Sebastian Ludyga, Flora Colledge, Serge Brand, Sandrine Isoard-Gautheur, Renzo Bianchi
Pages 104-113

Corticospinal excitability is facilitated by combined action observation and motor imagery of a basketball free throw
David J. Wright, Greg Wood, Daniel L. Eaves, Adam M. Bruton, Cornelia Frank, Zoë C. Franklin
Pages 114-121

Parental behavior and adolescent’s achievement goals in sport
Gerald M. Weltevreden, Edwin A.J. van Hooft, Annelies E.M. van Vianen
Pages 122-131

Biological maturation, relative age and self-regulation in male professional academy soccer players: A test of the underdog hypothesis
Sean P. Cumming, Chris Searle, Janie K. Hemsley, Finlay Haswell, Hannah Edwards, Sam Scott, Aleks Gross, Desmond Ryan, Jeff Lewis, Paul White, Andrew Cain, Siobhan B. Mitchell, Robert M. Malina
Pages 147-153

Sport officials’ strategies for managing interactions with players: Face-work on the front-stage
Ian Cunningham, Peter Simmons, Duncan Mascarenhas
Pages 154-162

Portraits of adolescent athletes facing personal and situational risk factors for doping initiation
Lindsay R. Duncan, Laura Hallward, Danielle Alexander
Pages 163-170

Group cohesion, needs satisfaction, and self-regulated learning: A one-year prospective study of elite youth soccer players’ perceptions of their club team
Martin K. Erikstad, Luc J. Martin, Tommy Haugen, Rune Høigaard
Pages 171-178

“Sinking” or sinking?: Identity salience and shifts in Black women’s athletic performance
Simon Howard, Alex Borgella
Pages 179-183

Athlete personality characteristics and informal role occupancy in interdependent sport teams
Jeemin Kim, Grégoire Bosselut, Mark Eys
Pages 193-203

Organizational stressors, social support, and implications for subjective performance in high-level sport
Rachel Arnold, Thomas Edwards, Tim Rees
Pages 204-212

Enhancing the acute psychological benefits of green exercise: An investigation of expectancy effects
Elliott P. Flowers, Paul Freeman, Valerie F. Gladwell
Pages 213-221

Highlighted Articles

“It’s like a counselling session … but you don’t need to say anything:” Exercise program outcomes for youth within a drug and alcohol treatment service
Alissa More, Ben Jackson, James A. Dimmock, Ashleigh L. Thornton, Allan Colthart, Bonnie J. Furzer
Pages 1-9

‘You play like a Woman!’ Effects of gender stereotype threat on Women’s performance in physical and sport activities: A meta-analysis
Ambra Gentile, Stefano Boca, Isabella Giammusso
Pages 95-103

The road to victory in the UEFA Women’s Champions League: A multi-level analysis of successful coaches, teams, and countries
Edson Filho, Jean Rettig
Pages 132-146

Older adults’ experiences of group-based physical activity: A qualitative study from the ‘GOAL’ randomized controlled trial
E.V. Bennett, L. Hurd Clarke, S.A. Wolf, W.L. Dunlop, S.M. Harden, Y. Liu, P.A. Estabrooks, R.E. Rhodes, M.R. Beauchamp
Pages 184-192

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