Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 26, Issue 1

Postural Control in Female Rhythmic Gymnasts in Selected Balance Exercises: A Study of Two Cases
Małgorzata Sobera, Alicja Rutkowska-Kucharska
Page 3

Bone Mineral Status of Young Men With Different Levels of Physical Activity
Barbara Długołęcka, Ewa Jówko, Jan Czeczelewski, Igor Cieśliński, Andrzej Klusiewicz
Page 8

Prevalence of Rapid Weight Loss Practices and Their Profiles Among Non-Elite Combat Athletes in Kuching, East Malaysia
Whye Lian Cheah, Myat Su Bo, Winnie Anak Kana, Nur Irdina Binti Mohd  Tourisz, Mohamad Arif Hadzimi Bin Ishak, Mahanagaraani Yogeswaran
Page 14

Comparative Analysis of the Use of Moderate-Altitude Training by Top Russian and Chinese Athletes
Evgeny Myakinchenko, Gao Binghong, Mikhail Shestakov
Page 20

Secular Trends in the Physical Fitness of Underweight, Overweight, and Obese Girls
Jerzy Saczuk, Agnieszka Wasiluk
Page 28

Impact of the Organisation of Mega Sporting Events on Selected Elements of the Tourism Sector
Krystian Zawadzki
Page 33

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