Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism Volume 21, Issue 4

pjst-dsTourist Potential of the łęczna-Włodawa Lakeland and Its Application in the Context of the Functioning of the Polesie National Park
Świeca, Andrzej / Krukowska, Renata / Tucki, Andrzej
Page 200

The Relationship Between Biomechanical Indicators of the Snatch Technique and Female Weightlifters’ Levels
Szyszka, Paulina / Mastalerz, Andrzej
Page 218

Effects of Explosive Type Strength Training on Selected Physical and Technical Performance Characteristics in Middle Distance Running – a Case Report
Maćkała, Krzysztof / JÓŹwiak, łukasz / Stodółka, Jacek
Page 228

Structure of Coordination Motor Abilities in Male Basketball Players at Different Levels of Competition
Jerzy, Sadowski / Paweł, WoŁosz / Janusz, Zieliński / Tomasz, Niźnikowski / Mariusz, Buszta
Page 234

The Participation of Girls and Boys from Ages 10 to 18 in Structured Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities in the Aspect of Social and Economic Conditions
Dmitruk, Agnieszka / Popławska, Helena / GÓrniak, Krystyna / Hołub, Wojciech
Page 240

Nordic Walking Training and Physical Fitness in Elderly Women
Ossowski, Zbigniew / Prusik, Katarzyna / Prusik, Krzysztof / Kortas, Jakub / Wiech, Monika / Bielawa, łukasz
Page 253

Brand Products of Regional Cuisine in the Promotion of Tourism in Roztocze
Bekier-Jaworska, Ewa / Bochenek, Marcin
Page 263

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