Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism Volume 21, Issue 2

pjst300Reliability and Accuracy of Batak Lite Tests Used for Assessing Coordination Motor Abilities in Wrestlers
Gierczuk, Dariusz / Bujak, Zbigniew
Page 72

Characteristics of the Respiratory Muscle Strength of Women and Men at Different Training Levels
Klusiewicz, Andrzej / Zubik, łukasz / Długołęcka, Barbara / Charmas, Małgorzata
Page 82

Sports Tourism
Gozalova, Marina / Shchikanov, Alexey / Vernigor, Aleksandr / Bagdasarian, Vardan
Page 92

Investments in Recreational and Sports Infrastructure as a Basis for the Development of Sports Tourism On the Example of Spa Municipalities
Hadzik, Andrzej / Grabara, Małgorzata
Page 97

Tracing the Life and Work of August Rozental
Jaczynowski, Lech
Page 107

The Current Condition and Possibilities of Development of Festival Tourism in the Lublin Region
Pioš, Katarzyna / Skoczylas, Karolina / BrzeziñSka-Wójcik, Teresa
Page 119

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