Philosophy of Sport blog: A paucity of posts and an “essential” bibliography

bibliographyGiven the number of philosophical questions within sports, and the number of renowned sport philosophers connected to the Philosophy of Sport blog (“news and views related to the philosophical dimensions of sport”), no less than 25, surprisingly little is happening there, and the tendency is diminishing. The first post of 2013 was published the other day. 2012 saw 19 posts, 2011 28, 2010 51, 2009 63, and 2008, the first year (March to December) 46. Why is that?

Back to the first post of the year 2013, which is really good, albeit somewhat unmethodical. It consists of a bibliography, presented thus by blogger Mike Austin:

At the request of a reader, I am posting a bibliography of some of the essential readings in philosophy of sport. This is surely incomplete, so consider this post a starting point, and add your own suggestions in the comments section. (Thanks to Heather Reid for help on this!) /…/ Due to time, these are not organized in any fashion.

There are three titles that are singled out as suitable introductions to the field, by Boxill et al, Holowchak and Simon, respectively. The general list following the selected title contains 25 texts – books and articles – from 1958 (Huizinga) to 2008. It will be interesting to see what commentators might want to add, and how the stipulated condition of “essential reading” is interpreted.

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