Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 6, 2020, Issue 3-4


There’s a (drug policy) storm coming
Pages 95-97
Matthew Dunn, Fiona H. McKay, Katinka van de Ven

Commentary: Steroid Madness- has the dark side of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) been over-stated?
Pages 98-102
Kyle J.D Mulrooney, Katinka van de Ven, Jim McVeigh, Rick Collins

Glocal fitness doping: Policy, practice and prevention in the United States and Sweden
Pages 103-110
Jesper Andreasson, April Henning

The uncertainties of enhancement
Pages 111-120
Margit Anne Petersen, Oskar Enghoff, Jakob Demant

Knowledge and perceptions of doping practices and anti-doping education among elite North American female triathletes
Pages 121-128
Matthew A. Masucci, Ted M. Butryn, Jay A. Johnson

Descriptive assemblage of psychedelic microdosing: Netnographic study of Youtube™ videos and on-going research projects
Pages 129-138
Aleksi Hupli, Moritz Berning, Ahnjili Zhuparris, James Fadiman

An alternative approach to understanding doping behavior: A pilot study applying the Q-method to doping research
Pages 139-147
K. Gatterer, M. Niedermeier, B. Streicher, M. Kopp, W. Schobersberger, C. Blank

Resting the mind – A novel topic with scarce insights. Considering potential mental recovery strategies for short rest periods in sports
Pages 148-155
Fabian Loch, Alexander Ferrauti, Tim Meyer, Mark Pfeiffer, Michael Kellmann

The self-regulation of human performance: A critical discussion and future directions for self-control research
Pages 156-157
Chris Englert

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