Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 2, Issue 4, 2013

peh-dsSpecial Issue: INHDR 2013

Pages 135-136
John Gleaves, Ask Vest Christiansen, Guest editor

How much do we (really) know about anti-doping education?
Pages 137-143
John Hoberman

Tacit premises and assumptions in anti-doping research
Original Research Article, Pages 144-152
Werner Pitsch

The doping mindset—Part I: Implications of the Functional Use Theory on mental representations of doping
Original Research Article, Pages 153-163
Andrea Petróczi

The doping mindset – Part II: Potentials and pitfalls in capturing athletes’ doping attitudes with response-time methodology
Original Research Article, Pages 164-181
Andrea Petróczi

Does one play with the athletes’ health in the name of ethics?
Original Research Article, Pages 182-193
Bertrand Fincoeur, Monika Frenger, Werner Pitsch

The construction of a policy: The World Anti-Doping Code’s ‘spirit of sport’ clause
Original Research Article, Pages 194-200
Ian Ritchie

What do we really know about doping ‘effects’? An argument for doping effects as co-constituted ‘phenomena’
Original Research Article, Pages 201-209
Kate Seear

How to produce the belief in clean sports which sells
Original Research Article, Pages 210-215
Monika Frenger, Eike Emrich, Werner Pitsch

What do the humanities (really) know about doping? Questions, answers and cross-disciplinary strategies
Original Research Article. Pages 216-225
Ask Vest Christiansen, John Gleaves


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