Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 1, Issue 1, August 2012

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The Performance Enhancement-Health Nexus

Pages 1-2
Jason Mazanov, Frances Quirk

Regular Papers
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Challenging human and sporting boundaries: The case of Oscar Pistorius

Original Research Article
Pages 3-9
Anne Marcellini, Sylvain Ferez, Damien Issanchou, Eric De Léséleuc, Mike McNamee


► The case of Oscar Pistorius challenges the boundary of health and performance enhancement. ► Sport may be driving towards the spectacle of the “enhanced human”. ► Technological enhancement in sport poses questions about distinguishing between repairing and/or enhancing the human in pursuit of (sporting) excellence.

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Expanding the Female Athlete Triad concept to address a public health issue

Review Article
Pages 10-27
Sean Wheatley, Saira Khan, Andrea D. Székely, Declan P. Naughton, Andrea Petróczi


► This paper challenges the prevailing concept of the Female Athlete Triad for being inaccurate and over-specific ► A unified framework, Female Energy Deficiency (FED), is suggested to capture the extent and depth of this health condition ► The FED can reconcile the existing terminologies and facilitate changing the way this health condition is viewed ► The FED affords the necessary flexibility for expansion, along with facilitating early detection and effective prevention

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Athletes’ perceptions of performance enhancing substance user and non-user prototypes

Original Research Article
Pages 28-34
L. Whitaker, J. Long, A. Petróczi, S.H. Backhouse


► Positive and negative prototypes were identified for performance enhancing substance users and non-users ► Performance enhancing substance users were perceived to be motivated, confident and rule breakers ► Athletes characterised non-users as role models, reliable and risk averse ► Universal performance enhancing substance user and non-user prototypes may not exist but may influence doping use ► Prototype perceptions provide a new approach to anti-doping via targeted interventions aiming to modify desired selves

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Body conceptions and virtual ethnopharmacology in an online bodybuilding community

Pages 35-38
Aaron C.T. Smith, Bob Stewart


► An extreme conception of masculinity dominated the online bodybuilding forum. ► Social power increased commensurate with muscular size and strength. ► A fanatical obsession was found with nutrition, supplements, training and drugs, with knowledge freely discussed and transmitted in the forum. ► Body conceptions were liked to physical size and intimidation. ► Negative health implications were considered worth the price for muscular size.

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“Will steroids kill me if I use them once?” A qualitative analysis of inquiries submitted to the Danish anti-doping authorities

Original Research Article
Pages 39-47
Ask Vest Christiansen, Jens Bojsen-Møller


► Anti Doping Denmark offers web-based counselling to inquirers on anabolic steroids (AS). ► The article examines content and meaning for two categories of inquiries. ► There is great variance in the distribution of knowledge of AS between inquirers. ► Inquirers determined to use AS pose a separate challenge for anti-doping education. ► Harm reduction policies could be considered as an alternative to the present policy.

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