Back to the basics: On ethics, football, and youth

Constantino Pereira Martins1 & Luísa Ávila da Costa2
1 Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos, Centro de Estudos Clássicos e Humanísticos, Universidade de Coimbra; 2 Faculdade de Desporto, Centro de Investigação, Formação, Inovação e Intervenção em Desporto, Universidade do Porto

This article aims to be a clear and straightforward proposition for rethinking the relationship between ethics and football in younger ages, acknowledging its important role in the players’ education and human development. With a pedagogical objective, this article seeks to think and explore ethics in a way accessible to the common, non-philosophical reader, deconstructing and challenging the usual weight of the classical tradition and translating it to direct and fundamental questioning. This basic structure enables the presentation of the problem through seven statements, each open to singular or unified discussions regarding ethics in general or within specific pragmatic cases. The argument is not only pedagogical but also challenging due to its own assertiveness. It defies and invites the reader to immediately question himself on his agreement, and engaging with very dense sports ethical problems, by a departure questioning method. In a certain sense, it encourages an invisible dialogue that the reader, whether a coach, a player, father, or mother, can acquire from the attempt to establish a clear insight, bringing ethics back to its original position: a living thought, a conversation with everyday life and the problems that emerge within that sphere.

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CONSTANTINO PEREIRA MARTINS gained a PhD in Philosophy at NOVA University of Lisbon with the support of FCT. Researcher at IEF and CECH of the University of Coimbra, creator and founder of FilArch and AFDLP. Member of ENJP and IAPS. His current research focuses on four key areas: Humor, Politics, Sports and Architecture. He was a visiting researcher at USP, São Paulo, and Concordia University, Montreal. 

LUÍSA ÁVILA DA COSTA is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sport, University of Porto, and a member of CIFI2D, of the Faculty of Sport, University of Porto. She is the President of AFDLP (Portuguese Language Philosophy of Sport Association); member and Secretary-General of EAPS; member of IAPS, BPSA, and ALFID. Her research work focus on fields such as: the aesthetics and ethics of sport, education through sport and physical education, sporting virtues, technology and sport, the body in sport, among others.


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