PALAESTRA: Adapted Sport, Physical Education, and Recreational Therapy Vol. 37, 2023 No. 1

Editor’s Corner

Language Controversy

Feature Articles

Recreation Leaders’ Perceptions of Athletes’ Behaviors and Proposed Resultant Pedagogical Strategies
Tiffanye M. Vargas, Robbi Beyer, Melissa Bittner, Margaret M. Flores

Policy Analysis of Physical Activity Policies and Recommendations for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Residing in Group Homes
Amy Chaffee, Cathy MacDonald, Rebecca Bryan, John Foley

Recommendations to Promote Accessibility in Rowing for Athletes who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Jason Rich, Lauren J. Lieberman, Wendy Gutcher

Using a Social Justice Lens when Training Future Physical Educators for the Inclusion of Students With Disabilities
Lindsey Nowland, Candace Brink, Martin E. Block

Creating Flexibility for Adapted Physical Education Teachers in Supporting Children with Disabilities Using Google Sites and Google Forms
Adam S. Forbes, Matthew J. Barker


The Effect of Paralympic Athlete Status on Public Perceptions of Competence and Capability in Persons With Blindness
Kimberly Elizabeth Ona Ayala, Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu, Cathy McKay, George Raum, Katie Wang

The Feasibility of Translating a Home-Based Physical Activity Curriculum to a School Setting for Youth with Disabilities
Angela J. Wozencroft, Jodi Anderson, Carlie Long, Dawn P. Coe

An Analysis of the Gross Motor Skills of Children Aged 3–6 Years With Autism Spectrum Disorder in Comparison with Their Typically Developing Peers
Gülsüm Hatipoğlu Özcan, Dilara Özer, Salih Pınar

Bits and Pieces

Disability Service Provider Crisis Worsening, Survey Finds


Fitness and Nutrition Log

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