Managing Sports 2013: A conference on sport management for the future, at Linnæus University, Sweden

managing-sports-2013Successful sport require exciting competition with skilled athletes, wise coaching and arenas creating great spectator experience. It also needs continuous development in all aspects. The question is how this development could or should be facilitated?

Take the opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges and the future in managing sports during the start of the UEFA Women 2013 in Växjö.

Managing Sports 2013 is a conference geared at discussions focusing on the following themes:

  • Football as a force in society
  • Coach education in an European perspective
  • Talent development: creating successful talent environments
  • Club management: meeting the challenge of commercialization and professionalization

Researchers and practitioners (from the pitch to the boardroom) meet to discuss “What do we know today and what are the most important issues factors for future success?” Speakers include Johan Andersson, Cecilia Andrén Nyström, Torsten Buhre, Christian Donaire, PG Fahlström, Niklas Fjeldstad, Magnus Forslund, Uwe Hakus, Mattias Melkersson, and Carles Romagosa.

The conference is open for participants from all sectors; researchers, teachers, coaches and people working in the sport sector. Visit the conference homepage!

Welcome to Växjö!

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