Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 38, 2019, Issue 4



Impact of a Physical Education Teacher’s Age on Elementary School Students’ Perceptions of Effectiveness and Learning
Colin G. Pennington, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and Stefanie A. Wind
Pages: 279–285

Development and Validation of the Teacher RISE Support Scale in Physical Education
Wei-Ting Hsu and Min Pan
Pages: 286–295

Helping Preservice Teachers Learn to Negotiate Sociopolitical Relationships Through a Physical Education Teacher Education Outdoor Education Experience
Jenn M. Jacobs, K. Andrew R. Richards, Zach Wahl-Alexander and James D. Ressler
Pages: 296–304

Motivational Climate in Physical Education, Achievement Motivation, and Physical Activity: A Latent Interaction Model
Stéphanie Girard, Jérôme St-Amand and Roch Chouinard
Pages: 305–315

Measuring Perceived Transfer of Responsibility Learning From Physical Education: Initial Validation of the Transfer of Responsibility Questionnaire
Paul M. Wright, K. Andrew R. Richards, Jennifer M. Jacobs and Michael A. Hemphill
Pages: 316–327

In-Service Teachers’ and Educational Assistants’ Professional Development Experiences for Inclusive Physical Education
Hayley Morrison and Doug Gleddie
Pages: 328–337

Factors Leading to Discrepancies in Accumulated Physical Activity During School Hours in Elementary School Students
Riley Galloway, Robert Booker and Scott Owens
Pages: 338–346

Learning to Use Teaching for Personal and Social Responsibility Through Action Research
Shirley Gray, Paul M. Wright, Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson
Pages: 347–356

Development and Validation of a Scale Assessing Test Anxiety in Physical Education
Sarah Danthony, Nicolas Mascret and François Cury
Pages: 357–366

“Putting Blinders on”: Ethnic Minority Female PE Teachers’ Identity Struggles Negotiating Racialized Discourses
Mara Simon and Laura Azzarito
Pages: 367–376

“The Education System is Broken:” The Influence of a Sociocultural Foundations Class on the Perspectives and Practices of Physical Education Preservice Teachers
Shrehan Lynch and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith
Pages: 377–387


Assessing Relationships Between Physical Development and Other Indicators of School Readiness Among Preschool Students
Paul M. Wright, Lauriece L. Zittel, Tawanda Gipson and Crystal Williams
Pages: 388–392

The Application of Optimal Defaults to Physical Education Courses in College Students: A Simulation Study
Julie DiMatteo, Cynthia Radnitz, Katharine L. Loeb and Jingwen Ni
Pages: 393–397

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