Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 38, 2019, Issue 3


Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity During Physical Education, Recess, and Class Time Among Elementary School Children in Qatar
Lena Zimmo, Fuad Almudahka, Izzeldin Ibrahim, Mohamed G. Al-kuwari and Abdulaziz Farooq
Pages: 1–8

Influence of Occupational Socialization on Elementary Physical Education Teachers’ Beliefs and Curricula
Laura Prior and Matthew Curtner-Smith
Pages: 9–17

The Impact of Participation in an Outdoor Education Program on Physical Education Teacher Education Student Self-Efficacy to Teach Outdoor Education
Kate Hovey, Diana Niland and John T. Foley
Pages: 18–27

Team-Based Learning in a Coaching Education Course: Impact on Student Learning
Karen E. Collins, Catherine E. Overson and Victor A. Benassi
Pages: 28–35

Exploring the Role of Physical Education Teachers’ Domain-Specific Innovativeness, Educational Background, and Perceived School Support in CSPAP Adoption
Collin A. Webster, Diana Mindrila, Chanta Moore, Gregory Stewart, Karie Orendorff and Sally Taunton
Pages: 36–47

Investigating the Relationships Between Perceived Mattering, Role Stress, and Psychological Need Satisfaction in Physical Education Teachers
Nicholas S. Washburn, K. Andrew R. Richards and Oleg A. Sinelnikov
Pages: 48–58

Health-Related Fitness Monitoring Practices in Secondary School-Based Physical Education Programs
Brendan T. O’ Keeffe, Ciaran MacDonncha, Kwok Ng and Alan E. Donnelly
Pages: 59–68

Negotiations Between Preservice Classroom Teachers and Students During a Physical Education Early Field Experience
Kelsey McEntyre, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and Deborah S. Baxter
Pages: 69–77

Measuring and Comparing Physical Education Teachers’ Perceived Attributes of CSPAPs: An Innovation Adoption Perspective
Collin A. Webster, Diana Mîndrilă, Chanta Moore, Gregory Stewart, Karie Orendorff and Sally Taunton
Pages: 78–90

A Person-Centered Approach in Physical Education to Better Understand Low-Motivation Students
Evelia Franco, Javier Coterón, Elisa Huéscar and Juan A. Moreno-Murcia
Pages: 91–101

Open access
Innovative Analysis of Service-Learning Effects in Physical Education: A Mixed-Methods Approach
Carlos Capella-Peris, Jesús Gil-Gómez and Òscar Chiva-Bartoll
Pages: 102–110

Content Knowledge, Enacted Pedagogical Content Knowledge, and Student Performance Between Teachers With Different Levels of Content Expertise
Insook Kim and Bomna Ko
Pages: 111–120


Effects of an Interdisciplinary Approach Integrating Mathematics and Physical Education on Mathematical Learning and Physical Activity Levels
Jose A. Cecchini and Alejandro Carriedo
Pages: 121–125

Using Simple Interactions to Improve Pedagogy in a Cross-Aged Leadership Program
Michael A. Hemphill and Tom Martinek
Pages: 126–130

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