Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 37, 2018, Issue 2


Exploring the Synergy Between Sport Education and In-School Sport Participation
Alex Knowles, Tristan L. Wallhead, and Tucker Readdy

Motivational Pathways to Leisure-Time Physical Activity Participation in Urban Physical Education: A Cluster-Randomized Trial
Sami Yli-Piipari, Todd Layne, Janet Hinson, and Carol Irwin

The Influence of Content Knowledge on Pedagogical Content Knowledge: An Evidence-Based Practice for Physical Education
Insook Kim, Phillip Ward, Oleg Sinelnikov, Bomna Ko, Peter Iserbyt, Weidong Li, and Matthew Curtner-Smith

Influence of a Training Program on Preservice Teachers’ Ability to Negotiate With Students
Zachary Wahl-Alexander, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith, and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

Occupational Socialization of Sport Pedagogy Faculty: Two German Case Studies
Anne M. Merrem and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Influence of Negotiations on Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Instruction Within University Activity Courses
Zachary Wahl-Alexander and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Physical Education Teacher Perceptions of Technology-Related Learning Experiences: A Qualitative Investigation
Jun-Hyung Baek, Emily Jones, Sean Bulger, and Andrea Taliaferro

Motivational Profiles in Physical Education: Evidence From Secondary School Students in Hong Kong
Jing Dong Liu and Pak-Kwong Chung

Gender Differences in the Relationships Between Perceived Teachers’ Controlling Behaviors and Amotivation in Physical Education
Andre Koka and Heino Sildala

Teaching Sportsmanship in Physical Education and Youth Sport: Comparing Perceptions of Teachers With Students and Coaches With Athletes
Nicole D. Bolter, Lindsay Kipp, and Tyler Johnson


The Role of Classroom Teacher Social Capital in a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program
Michelle E. Jordan, Kent Lorenz, Michalis Stylianou, and Pamela Hodges Kulinna

A Practical Guide to Collaborative Qualitative Data Analysis
K. Andrew R. Richards and Michael A. Hemphill

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