Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 36, 2017, Issue 4

Invited Paper

Evolution of Physical Education Undergraduate Majors in Higher Education in China
Wang Jiahong, Ping Xiang, Zhang Dazhi, Weidong Liu, and Xiaofeng Gao


The Role of Perceived and Actual Motor Competency on Children’s Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness During Middle Childhood
Xiangli Gu, Katherine Thomas Thomas, and Yu-Lin Chen

Student Perceived Motivational Climate, Enjoyment, and Physical Activity in Middle School Physical Education
Christine E. Johnson, Heather E. Erwin, Lindsay Kipp, and Aaron Beighle

Class-Related Emotions in Secondary Physical Education: A Control-Value Theory Approach
Kelly L. Simonton, Alex C. Garn, and Melinda Ann Solmon

Narratives of Experiential Learning: Students’ Engagement in a Physical Activity-Based Service-Learning Course
Meredith A. Whitley, David Walsh, Laura Hayden, and Daniel Gould

Preservice Physical Education Teachers’ Service Learning Experiences Related to Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programming
Collin A. Webster, Danielle Nesbitt, Heesu Lee, and Cate Egan

“I Know When I Did It, I Got Frustrated”: The Influence of ‘Living’ a Curriculum for Preservice Teachers
Michelle Dillon, Deborah Tannehill, and Mary O’Sullivan

Teacher Development in First-Year Physical Educators: A Comparison of Effectiveness Among Different Physical Education Teacher Education Backgrounds
Julene Ensign, Amelia Mays Woods, and Pamela Hodges Kulinna

Relationship of Teacher Training and School Characteristics to Middle School State Assessment Results
Tina J. Hall, Lori K. Hicklin, and Karen E. French

The Influence of Organizational Socialization in Preservice Teachers’ Delivery of Sport Education Jeremiah T. Deenihan and Ann MacPhail

Extracurricular School-Based Sports as a Stepping Stone Toward an Active Lifestyle? Differences in Physical Activity and Sports-Motivation Between Extracurricular School-Based Sports Participants and Non-Participants
An De Meester, Greet Cardon, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, and Leen Haerens

Gender-Biased Communication in Physical Education
Julia A. Valley and Kim C. Graber

Understanding Physical Education Doctoral Students’ Perspectives of Socialization
K. Andrew R. Richards, Gabriella M. McLoughlin, Victoria Nicole Ivy, and Karen Lux Gaudreault

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