Journal of Teaching in Physical Education Volume 32, Issue 2, April 2013

jtpe300Editors’ Note

Editors’ Note April 2013
Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Ben Dyson


The Role of Motor Competence and Body Mass Index in Children’s Activity Levels in Physical Education Classes
Barbara Coiro Spessato, Carl Gabbard, Nadia Valentini

The Effects of Choice on Autonomous Motivation, Perceived Autonomy Support, and Physical Activity Levels in High School Physical Education
Yew Meng How, Peter R. Whipp, James A. Dimmock, Ben Jackson

Game Play Participation of Amotivated Students During Sport Education
Tristan L. Wallhead, Alex C. Garn, Eric D. Vidoni, Charli Youngberg

A Preservice Teacher’s Delivery of Sport Education: Influences, Difficulties and Continued Use
J.T. Deenihan, Ann MacPhail

Teacher Fidelity to One Physical Education Curricular Model
Tiffany Kloeppel, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Michalis Stylianou, Hans van der Mars

Research Note

Physical Education Program Changes From 2006 to 2010
Xiaofen Deng Keating, Prithwi Raj Subramaniam, Rulan Shangguan, Li Chen

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