Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 37, 2019, Issue 6

Sports Performance

Challenges of talent development in alpine ski racing: a narrative review
Lisa Steidl-Müller, Carolin Hildebrandt, Christian Raschner & Erich Müller
Pages: 601-612

Behavioural and Social Sciences

The effect of consistent and varied follow-through practice schedules on learning a table tennis backhand
Jamie S. North, Neil E. Bezodis, Colm P. Murphy, Oliver R. Runswick, Chris Pocock & André Roca
Pages: 613-620

Sports Performance

The anaerobic power reserve and its applicability in professional road cycling
Dajo Sanders & Mathieu Heijboer
Pages: 621-629

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Prospective bi-directional associations between sedentary time and physical activity with cognitive performance: a cohort study
Eric E. Wickel & Erin K. Howie
Pages: 630-637

Sports Performance

Thinking about your running movement makes you less efficient: attentional focus effects on running economy and kinematics
Linda Schücker & Lucy Parrington
Pages: 638-646

The impact of start strategy on start performance in alpine skiing exists on flat, but not on steep inclines
Matej Supej, Niels J. Nedergaard, Joakim Nord & Hans-Christer Holmberg
Pages: 647-655

Acute effects of different warm-up protocols on highly skilled golfers’ drive performance
Ben L. Langdown, Jack E.T. Wells, Sean Graham & Matt W. Bridge
Pages: 656-664

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Comparison of biomechanical characteristics between male and female elite fast bowlers
P. J. Felton, S. L. Lister, P. J. Worthington & M. A. King
Pages: 665-670

Angle-specific knee muscle torques of ACL-reconstructed subjects and determinants of functional tests after reconstruction
Özge Çınar-Medeni, Gulcan Harput & Gul Baltaci
Pages: 671-676

Sports Performance

Relative age effect: Characteristics of youth soccer players by birth quarter and subsequent playing status
António J. Figueiredo, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, Sean P. Cumming & Robert M. Malina
Pages: 677-684

Autonomy enhances running efficiency
Takehiro Iwatsuki, James W. Navalta & Gabriele Wulf
Pages: 685-691

To be or not to be an excellent football referee: different experts’ viewpoints
João Aragão e Pina, Ana Margarida Passos, Helena Carvalho & M. Travis Maynard
Pages: 692-700

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Peak oxygen uptake measured during a perceptually-regulated exercise test is reliable in community-based manual wheelchair users
Michael John Hutchinson, Maureen Jane MacDonald, Roger Eston & Victoria Louise Goosey-Tolfrey
Pages: 701-707

Sports Performance

The effects of a calf pump device on second half performance of a simulated soccer match in competitive youth players
S. Béliard, J. Cassirame, G. Ennequin, G. Coratella & N. Tordi
Pages: 708-716

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