Journal of Sports Sciences, Volume 36, 2018, Issue 24


Can we trust “Magnitude-based inference”?
Alan M. Nevill, A. Mark Williams, Colin Boreham, Eric S. Wallace, Gareth W. Davison, Grant Abt, Andrew M. Lane & Edward M. Winter

Sports Performance

Team and seasonal performance indicator evolution in the ANZ Championship netball league
Lyndell Bruce, Edward R. Brooks & Carl T. Woods

The influence of` preseason training phase and training load on body composition and its relationship with physical qualities in professional junior rugby league players
Nick Dobbin, Adrian Gardner, Matt Daniels & Craig Twist

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Kinematic parameters contributing to the production of spin in elite finger spin bowling
L. Sanders, P.J. Felton & M.A. King

Loading differences in single-leg landing in the forehand- and backhand-side courts after an overhead stroke in badminton: A novel tri-axial accelerometer research
Shogo Sasaki, Yasuharu Nagano & Hiroshi Ichikawa

Sports Performance

The effect of individualised sprint training in elite female team sport athletes: A pilot study
Elvir Rakovic, Gøran Paulsen, Christian Helland, Ola Eriksrud & Thomas Haugen

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Patterns of accelerometer-derived sedentary time across the lifespan
Diana A. Santos, Pedro B. Júdice, João P. Magalhães, Inês R. Correia, Analiza M. Silva, Fátima Baptista & Luís B. Sardinha

Sports Performance

Unstable footwear as a speed-dependent noise-based training gear to exercise inverted pendulum motion during walking
Frédéric Dierick, Anne-France Bouché, Mikaël Scohier, Clément Guille & Fabien Buisseret

Sports Medicine and Biomechanics

Does biological sex impact intestinal epithelial injury, small intestine permeability, gastrointestinal symptoms and systemic cytokine profile in response to exertional-heat stress?
Rhiannon M. J. Snipe & Ricardo J. S. Costa

The influence of foot position on scrum kinetics during machine scrummaging
Helen Bayne & Cor-Jacques Kat

Physical Activity, Health and Exercise

Improvement of cellular health indicators and muscle quality in older women with different resistance training volumes
Paolo M. Cunha, Crisieli M. Tomeleri, Matheus A. do Nascimento, João Pedro Nunes, Melissa Antunes, Hellen C. G. Nabuco, Ygor Quadros, Edilaine F. Cavalcante, Jerry L. Mayhew, Luís B. Sardinha & Edilson S. Cyrino

Sports Performance

The influence of golf shaft torque on clubhead kinematics and ball flight
Sasho James Mackenzie, Erik Matthew Henrikson, Heidi Lynette Macdonald & Troy William Hillier

Performance Analysis

Effect of different inter-repetition rest intervals across four load intensities on velocity loss and blood lactate concentration during full squat exercise
Ricardo Mora-Custodio, David Rodríguez-Rosell, Juan Manuel Yáñez-García, Miguel Sánchez-Moreno, Fernando Pareja-Blanco & Juan José González-Badillo

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